Cosplaying on a Budget

Money, Money,Money, cant live with it, cant live without it, hence

why cosplaying on a budget is important. Well I completely

disagree with this statement. I absolutely can live with

money and definitely can’t live without it. Who ever said money

isn’t the solution to problems has never been broke? I can’t think of

a single problem I have that cant be cured with money. This

philosophy of course applies to the cosplay community. Many of us

have dream cosplays but have been unable to obtain them due to a

lack of Benjamin’s.

Well, I cant help you with your money issue but I can help you in

the cosplaying on a budget department. Specifically, I can

recommend some awesome low budget (under 100$) cosplays that

can help you shine at your next convention. So with that being said,

lets dive into some awesome low budget cosplays that will allow

you to cosplay on a budget.

1. Boku No Hero Academy Classroom Outfits

Photo By: Deathnote—L

Starting off the list we have Boku no Hero (My Hero Academy)

classroom outfits. These cute outfits are commonly seen

throughout the series when the students are in learn mode instead

of kick villain ass mode. Each female character wears one of these

costumes and it has become instantly recognizable at conventions.

Get a couple of these with several different characters and you

have yourself a group photoshoot session. Photographers would

love to capture each character from the series in a group shot or

two on two shot so go ahead and fork out the 50$ for this cosplay

. Surely cosplaying on a budget friendly!

2. Gwen Stacy

Photo By: Onbluesnow

Spiderman into the spider-verse was an extremely popular movie.

This movie grossed over 190 million and exhibited several

spidermen/women from different universes. Arguably the most

unique of the bunch is Gwen Stacey. Why you ask? Well because

she is the only female Spiderman amongst the group. If you loved

her role in the movie you should definitely check out this awesome

Gwen Stacy cosplay. The costume is made out of a spandex like

material which conforms to nearly any body shape. Feel free to

pick this cosplay up from anywhere between 40 and 70$.

3. No 2 Type B Cosplay

Photo By: Fenixfatalist

If you haven’t played the game yet, then ill fill you in on one of the

best games ever released. Specifically, Nier Automata is a role

playing game released in 2017. The story revolves around “2B

fighting machines for the survival of humanity. It isn’t necessarily

a new theme but it is presented extremely well in this game.

Photo By: Fenixfatalist

2B is an android capable of some amazing feats and is always a

con favorite. This awesome cosplay can be picked up for around

80$ and is made of suede and leather and looks absolutely

phenomenal. I have had the pleasure of photographing several

cosplayers cosplaying this character and never get tired of it. Feel

free to pick up her weapon for added flair. This one is a bit out of

the cosplaying on a budget list but still splurge a bit, live your best

life lol.

4. Midoriya My Hero Academy

Almost anyone who watches anime has seen my hero academy. We

all know the story of All Might passing the torch to Midoriya and

the development of shoot style quirk (all for one). Unfortunately, I

do not believe season 4 will be released until October 2019 but in

the meantime, feel free to re-watch the first 3 seasons and of course

cosplay as this awesome protagonist.

This cosplay will run you around 105$ bucks and is made from

both leather and spandex. You can have this costume custom mad

so make sure you get those measurements right.

5. All Might

You know I couldn’t make a list without including arguably the

most bad ass man to ever grace the anime world. That’s right im

talking about All Might. I mean the mans slogan is “Its fine now,

WHY? Because I am here”. I mean how much confidence do you

have to have to just show up and say no matter whats going on, I

got this. Man I need to face the IRS with this kind of confidence.

Anyways, you can pick up this spandex costume for around 55$.

That’s not bad considering tons of conventions badges cost more

than this.

6.Violet Evergarden

I will admit I have not seen this anime but I have seen this cosplay

at several conventions. Im just glad I finally figured it out before I

made a fool of myself by calling the character by another name. If

your like me and haven’t seen the series, it focuses on well, Violet

Evergaden. She is a young girl that left the battlefield to work at

the post office.

I have heard nothing but great things about this series and based

on my friends, which I highly trust regarding anime selections, I

also recommend this series. This costume is made of chiffon and

cotton and for the price is very well put together and detailed. You

can snag it for about 90 bucks or possibly a bit less. Either way, it’s

a great deal.

7.Himiko Toga

I hate to add another My Hero Academy costume to the list but It

cant be helped. Himiko Toga is an extremely and I mean

Extremely popular character amongst the cosplay community. She

is one of the most dangerous villains in My Hero Academy and

posses both amazing combat and stealth abilities. She is capable of

vanishing before her opponents by clearing her mind and has gone

head to head against some of the series best.

This awesome costume is made of Uniform cloth and knitted fabric

which is resistant to tearing. It can be purchased for under 100$

and is sure to help you fit in with all the other My Hero cosplayers.

8. Ryuko Matoi

Taking a break from the My Hero Academy series, we have another

awesome series which is similary very popular and bound to get

you noticed by photographers. That’s right, im talking about Ryuko

Matoi from Kill La Kill. Her outfit senketsu is extremely powerful

and allows Ryuko Matoi to transform into a rather, lets just say

revealing form.

Its been a while since I watched the series but I have nothing but

fond memories of it. You can pick up the cosplay for about 60$

. That makes it one of the lowest priced cosplays on the list thus far

and certainly cosplaying on a budget friendly. That’s definitely a

huge selling point.

9. Dancing Star Night Joker

Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh well, lucky for you, the next

character on the list is named Joker. Coincidently, his name is the

only association with humor he has. Claiming the 9th spot is Joker

from persona 5. If your new to the series like me, it basically

revolves around that a group of students gaining special powers

and become vigilantes known as the phantom thieves of hearts.

Each character gains “Personas” that vary in power level. This

series and character are extremely popular and has even made its

way to the smash brothers scene. With all that in mind, how could

you not want to buy this cosplay? This cosplay will set you back

about 80$ bucks but looks amazing. Id highly recommend picking

this costume up for your next convention.

10. Shego

Last but not least we arrive at an absolute classic. Shego is the

main sidekick of Dr, Drakken. She has the ability to generate bright

green beams of energy with her hand and is always getting in Kim

possible and Ron stoppables way. This show premiered during

what I call the golden years of Disney in the early 2000s. I have to

admit I absolutely loved this show and love seeing people cosplay

from the series even more. This awesome costume will only set

you back 60$. That’s very reasonable and will have you con ready

in no time

Definitely check out some of these cosplays if your strapped for

cash and cosplaying on a budget. These cosplays will both update

your wardrobe for your next convention and get you the attention

im sure we all crave at cons. As always, feel free to drop a

comment in the comments section below.

Thanks For Reading

Photo By: Santosphotocosplay

I want to know what you

thought of the list and if any of you will actually be considering

some of these cosplays. I look forward to seeing some of you in

these costumes at the next convention. For me, that will be

Momocon then AWA. Until next time Stay BOUNDLESS!!!

PS : Special thanks to all the Artist that let me use their images!!!

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