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Dee Jay

Eddy Gordo CosplayWell, its another Wednesday meaning not only that its half way through the week, but also sushi at Kroger’s is half off. Well that is if you have a Kroger’s near you. Now that I got that extremely important information out the way, lets get into it.Eddy Gordo Cosplay

           I have a very special/unique post for everyone today.  As most of you know I am usually behind the camera and rarely get a chance to actually cosplay. At Most cons im usually outside looking to snag cosplayers for shoots or looking to network with other photographers.Eddy Gordo Cosplay

            Well, I finally took a bit of time and with some help from a good friend I snapped a couple of pictures of my attempt at cosplay. When it comes to cosplaying, I have a weakness for fighting characters, specifically Street Fighter and Tekken.Eddy Gordo Cosplay

            At Anime Weekend Atlanta 2017, I had the chance to cosplay as Eddy Gordo from Tekken but I recently added Dee Jay from street fighter to my roster.

Eddy Gordo

            If your not familiar with these characters, no worries I got you! Starting with Eddy Gordo, The character is a Brazilian Capoeira fighter. Eddy made hisTekken Cosplay debut in the arcade version of Tekken 3 in 1997 and his first console appearance was in the 1998 Playstation port of the title. Eddy has since appeared in every game thereafter.


Eddy’s storyline from his debut through Tekken 5 revolved around his quest for revenge for the murder of his parents. It goes a lot more in depth than this but I’ll leave it there to keep your attention.

           I chose to cosplay as this character for two reasons. The first is because I have been practicing Capoeira for the last few years and two, because I actually met the Master (Marcelo Caveirinha) that Eddy Gordo 3did the motion capture for this character. Cosplaying as Eddy allows me to not only demonstrate a bit of what I have learned over the last few years but also pay respect to one of the greatest Capoeira Masters of all time.

         With regards to the actual outfit, Eddy has had several costumes over the years but I have always loved his classic outfit the most. I also believe it’s the only one people will actually recognize me in. I have to confess that I actually did not create the outfit myself but had it commissioned by a great friend of mine.Eddy Gordo Cosplay

She does amazing work and I would be more than happy to refer you to her if you are interested. Simply shoot me message or comment in the section below.

Dee Jay

            The second Character which I have yet to display at an actual con is Dee Jay from street fighter. Like eddy, this character has had many costumes over the years but I decided to go with his Street Fighter 4s alternate costume.

Dee Jay CosplayDee Jay made his debut in street fighter II and entered the world tournament to develop a new musical sound. The characters fighting style is extremely flashy but is actually based off the Kick boxer Billy Blanks. Dee Jay uses a combination of kickboxing and Karateka.

            I have extremely fond memories of playing this character back in the arcade days and more recently in street fighter 4. I honestly did not care for his original maximum pants with no shirt costume but when they released his alternate costume it relit a fire that had nearly faded.

Dee Jay CosplaySome of his classic moves include the Sobat Festival and Ultra Climax 2. These moves are both a combination of dance, kickboxing and karateka.

             These moves are very difficult to describe so ill just let you check them out on youtube. I could go on and on about these characters but for the sake of attention spans and your valuable time I will cut it here.Dee Jay Cosplay

            I hope you enjoyed my first few attempts at cosplay and even more so I hope I did the characters justice. If you enjoyed this post or the pics please feel free to drop a message below.

              I would love to get some feedback about any improvements I could make on the outfits. Thanks again everyone and as always, STAY BOUNDLESS!!!Dee Jay Mash Up   














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