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Black Lagoon Roberta

AWA 2017 Roberta The HoundHello everyone, I have been attending conventions for a while now and captured thousands of images with each being more spectacular than the last. I try to make sure as many people see their images as possible while excluding any unflattering pics. Since I am the one behind the camera I rarely get the opportunity to sit and discuss different aspects of cosplay with cosplayers. Fortunately, this trend changed when I attended Anime Weekend Atlanta this year and was privileged enough to conduct a quick interview with @stellaranebula.

AWA 2017 Roberta The HoundNot only did I get to capture some amazing images, but I also got to sit down with her and discuss some different aspects of her cosplay career. Specifically, I was able to interview @stellaranebula. She is a remarkable cosplayer with several amazing outfits at her disposal along with some amazing props. In this quick interview, I got to find out exactly how and why she creates some of her amazing costumes. Im sure several of you have wondered or been curious about some of these questions so I went ahead and got as many of them out the way as I could for you. So without further ado, lets take a look at why and how this amazing cosplayer creates the amazing images that we see below.


Question 1. How long have you been a cosplayer?AWA 2017 Roberta The Hound
I’ve been cosplaying for about 3 years 

Question 2. Why do you cosplay?
Cosplay gives me more confidence and a way to express myself.

AWA 2017 Roberta The HoundQuestion 3. If someone told you they hated your cosplay what would you do? 
I’d honestly defend myself and tell them to get over it because they didn’t pay for my cosplay. 



Question 4. Are your Cosplays Homemade or Commissioned? 
I have one commissioned cosplay which is my Roberta cosplay and the rest have been bought online. AWA 2017 Roberta The Hound

Question 5. Do you have a current cosplay favorite? 
My favorite cosplay has to be my Red Seras Victoria cosplay (Hellsing). Im mostly known for doing her cosplay and I will continue to perfect it. AWA 2017 Roberta The Hound

Question 6. What is your most expensive cosplay project? 
My most expensive cosplay is my roberta cosplay. It was a commission and cost about $112 for the dress. 

Question 7. What is your favorite cosplay project?.
My favorite cosplay project was my Godoka because I made the wings myself. It was fun crafting and painting. I loved the feeling when I finally finished them. I felt really accomplished. 

AWA 2017 Roberta The Hound


Question 8 . What got you into cosplay?
When I was in middle school I had 2 friends that cosplayed a lot and would go to cons together. That same year a new convention came to town and we all decided to cosplay together. 

Question 9. Why did you choose to cosplay as Roberta?
I choose to cosplay her cause she’s one of my favorite characters from black lagoon and not many people cosplay her. She’s a bad ass female who could care less.

I would like to thank @Stellaranebula for allowing me to interview her and sharing her unique story. It was refreshing to switch the routine up a bit and sit down with some of the cosplayers I photograph. Each cosplayer has a unique story that directly corresponds to the character they choose portray. I know @stellaranebula will continue to create amazing cosplays and I can only hope im there to capture them. Until next time, stay Boundless.






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