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Takanashi Rikka Cosplay-By-Izumi-Lee

There are so many amazing characters and outfits out there but only a few can fall into the cute cosplay category. So many factors go into a cute cosplay character with their outfit, personality and reaction to situations being some of the most prominent. 2021 is rapidly approaching and I know everyone is plugging away ever so diligently at their builds that I figure why not mix in some cute cosplays. You know, ones that are simply created to get the aww factor. If they just so happen to impress the viewer as well, then that’s a double win, right? So anyways, let’s check out some awesome cute cosplay ideas for 2021. 

Kanna Kamui 

Cosplay by hentaigirl82

Small characters usually fall into the cute category as I feel humans naturally gravitate towards small things. Think about it, we love kittens, puppies, and baby pandas. I believe Kanna Kamui falls into the cute cosplay category because she fits this definition. She’s small and her personality is absolutely adorable. I got to capture @hentaigirl82 cosplaying as Kanna Kamui at momocon. Just an idea of how cute this character is. 


Shiro Cosplay
Cosplay by natsu地 Photo by Photo Kiito

I absolutely loved the series no game no life and can’t wait until the second season. Shiro was Soras partner in crime or well, video games. I believe she is a lot smarter than Shiro but is extremely shy and completely reliant on her brother. If she ever breaks free she’s going to be an absolute beast. But for now, she’s our cute gaming master that never backs away from a challenge. I have yet to capture a Shiro cosplay but I think 2021 is my season. 

Little Maya Natsume 

Cosplay-by-kittychamallow Photo by didier jacquet

As much as I appreciate her adult form, I have to admit that her smaller version is much cuter. This anime is a bit dated but if you’re invested in this cute cosplay lifestyle then you will certainly check it out. Maya Natsume is also a badass martial artist. But, now that I think about it, I don’t recall her ever doing any martial arts in her chibi form. So, don’t feel obligated to study up before a convention. 


Cosplay-By-EnjiNight Photo by Omaru

Breaking away from the miniature category we have SakuraNo I don’t mean the one from Naruto, I’m talking about the one from street fighter. Sakura became an advocate Ryu follower after watching him win the first world tournament. She’s extremely cute and has quotes like “I’ll be a great fighter one day, just you wait and see”! I only imagine this character becoming both stronger and cuter over the years and hope capcom doesn’t disappoint. 

Aura and Mare 

Photo By Eyestrain Photoworks Cosplay by Shin Meggumi and Nicole Ubando

Aura and Mare are cute characters from the series overlord. There personality and miniature size along with their different colored eyes are completely stunning. But, don’t let their cute demeanor fool you as these two are the 6th-floor guardians of the great tomb of Nazarick. To be honest, though, Mare is my personal favorite as she is a lot easier to get along with. So, if you have to choose to cosplay between the two I would vote for Mare. 

Umaru Doma 

Cosplay by Dei Photo-By-jayz3ro

Umaru Doma is from the series Himouto! Umaru-chanShe’s extremely loveable and is really cute and all that jazz but what I really want to focus on is her Polar Bear FleeceI mean just look at this thing, it looks so warm and comfy. To be honest I would just like to wear this fleece around any cold-weather conventions. It would certainly make the air condition is some of those panel rooms acceptable.  


Cosplay by Yuka Midori Photo by bdrc

At the intro of this series, she appeared to be very cold and uncaring. Shana was completely focused on her duties and only cared about the balance of the world. Eventually she began to work on this personality flaw and evolved into the ever so cute Shana that we know. Her outfit consists of a very cute school girl uniform combined with her katana and fiery red hair. Id imagine the most difficult part of this cosplay would be styling the wig but it will look great once it’s completed. 

Himawari Uzumaki

Finally, we have Himawari UzumakiI’ll admit I have not gotten into Boruto but ever since the introduction of Himawari Uzumaki I really feel I need to. She’s so cute and really needs to make her way into the cosplay convention scene. Maybe she already has but I have yet to get some images of her. Himawari Uzumaki is described as being a cheerful and considerate girl. Most importantly, she brings flowers to Nejis grave and we all know how big of a Neji fan I am. 


There are so many cute cosplays out there that choosing can be hard but I definitely hope that this list helps you narrow things down a bit. There are tons of other characters that could have easily been on this list but I settled on just these for now. If you enjoyed this post feel free to leave a comment below. Also, check out some other cosplay topics HERE along with my YouTube as it features some amazing cosplayers. Thanks so much again and until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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