Dating a Cosplayer

Eddy Gordo Cosplay

Cosplaying and dating. That’s right were talking about a very

interesting topic today one im sure many have asked about and are

currently debating. There are many advantages and disadvantages

to dating a cosplayer and today we will discuss a few of them. So,

sit back and strap in, do whatever you need to do because were

about to dive into it.

Watching Anime 

Lets kick this off with the most obvious reason to date a fellow

cosplayer, they watch anime. Lots of people love language involves

spending quality time. Well if your one of those people then you

definitely want to date a fellow cosplayer. Friday and Saturday

nights can be spent cuddling on the couch and getting acquainted

with each other’s favorite anime.  Its also brings the added benefit

of given you both new cosplay ideas, and who doesn’t like cosplay

couples? FYI the answer is Nobody!

Overwatch Mercy


Next up we have Gifts. Everyone likes gifts! If you say you do not

you just haven’t received a great gift yet. Because contrary to

popular belief, receiving is better if just not as good as giving.

Never in the history of humanity has someone received a brand

-new Ferrari and thought, “wouldn’t it be much better to give one

of these away than receive one”. But I digress, sharing a similar

interest with your significant others gives you a huge clue as to

what to get them for those special days.

DVA Cosplay

Maybe a Chanel hand bag filled with their favorite animes or

anime paraphernalia. You are definitely going to win BF of the

year with this combo. Similarly ladies, you can get your man that

awesome sword replica he has been wanting. The one that’s

actually sharpened, because dull swords are for losers. Well,

unless your at a con, then its just simple safety. 

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018


Now onto something less superficial, at the brings us to

understanding. Understanding someone is a MAJOR part of any

relationship. Obviously the goal is to get that point where you

know each other’s thoughts without saying anything. Well

that’s gonna be very difficult if they don’t get your jokes and

innuendoes. If you tell you lover her cooking is over 9000 and she

looks at you with utter confusion, she aint the one bra lol.

Similarly, ladies, if you get mad at him and throw something and

he dodges without looking and you say this must be “the power

of ultra instinct” and he looks confused, I got some bad news for

you lol.  

Earnest Exception 

Lets be honest cosplayers can be a bit different from main stream

society. Our thoughts and actions are awesome and far better than

your average member of society’s but I guess its all a matter of

perception. Cosplay is a passion for many of us and our significant

others has to understand this. Attending cons and adding that

extra bit of detail to the costume to get it just right is crucial. With

that being said, creating costumes takes a significant portion of

time. Meaning, there’s likely to be some physical and emotional

neglect, especially if you do not do cosplay for a living.  

Labyrinth Cosplay

All of this can be avoided if your partner is a cosplayer also. Not

only will he/she understand but they will also be working on their

cosplay’s. So time that was potentially viewed as neglect is now

quality time spent together. See win, win scenario.  

Anime Weekend ATL 2018

Well, this was an intro into a topic I plan to touch on a lot more in

the future. I want to hear what others have to say about the topic

and will be doing some interviews at MOMOCON and AWA2019.

If your interested let me know by email or in the comment section

below. Thanks so much again for reading my thoughts on the topic

and as always until next time, Stay Boundless!!! 

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