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We all love Disney right? It brings back great memories of childhood and singing along to some of the most iconic songs of all time. Everything from “Ill make a man out of you” to “Friend like me” idealize our childhood and nearly everyone knows these songs. Regardless of how you feel about the remakes, im sure these movies bring back a bit of nostalgia and memories of simpler times. Let’s just take a minute and appreciate these simpler times. Who doesn’t want to return to childhood?

Photo By Eosandy
Photo By Eosandy

Growing up is such a ruse and is definitely overrated. Paying bills, taxes and having to worry about where food will come from are definitely a pain in the ass. Why can’t we just stay children forever? I guess biology and time make sure we all eventually reach the point of adulthood. Well, since we can’t return to childhood, why not try and relive those days through a bit of cosplay? So on that note, let’s check out some of the best Disney cosplay ideas!


Photo By Joviclaire2
Photo By Joviclaire

Who doesn’t love our favorite Chinese badass teenager? Mulan was released on June 5, 1998 and despite its dated appearance and animation, the movie still fascinates children and adults of all age groups today. Unbeknownst to many, the story of Mulan is not fictional. Sure there weren’t talking dragons in the historical records, but nonetheless, Hua Mulan is a great warrior recognized by many in China. I’ll admit I’m not 100% sure of which parts are accurate and fictional but none of that matters. Mulan cosplays are awesome and represent the golden age of Disney animation.   



Jumping forward a few years, we have another warrior princess in the form of Moana. I am shocked at the number of people that haven’t seen this movie. It was absolutely AMAZING!!! Everything about this film was so good, especially the music. I really loved the songs in this movie. “Youre Welcome” is still a go-to for me when I do anything for someone else LOL. Aside from getting to cosplay as Moana, you also get to bring a friend along and have them cosplay as Maui. Make sure you snag his Hook and the Heart of Tefiti to really make the cosplay pop. I recently got to photograph @cin_von_quinzel cosplaying this character and she definitely did the character justice.


Photo By Venart
Photo By Venart

Another great throwback that recently got a remake is the movie inspired by the book Arabian nights. This book contains many other stories besides Aladdin but this particular story has become one of the most popular due to the Disney films. Similar to Moana, you can cosplay this character in a group and having the full cast is awesome for shoots. Just choose a genie, Jasmin and Jafar for this cosplay shoot and you will be grabbing photographer’s attention in no time. Everyone loves a good group cosplay.

Captain Hook

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I always get to see awesome Rufio cosplays at conventions but peter pans arch-enemy is rarely present. Captain Hook is just as iconic of a villain as Peter Pan is a hero. This movie has been made and remade so many times that I lost count, but my personal favorite is still HOOK. Robin Williams (RIP) starred as peter pan in one of the best iterations of Peter Pan I have ever seen. Regardless Captain Hook is one of my favorite cosplay characters and when it comes to villains, he is hands down one of the best Disney has ever created.


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Who doesn’t like our favorite inflatable health care provider? Baymax was one of the most friendly and loving characters Disney has ever invented. He was literally only created to help others and would do anything to achieve that goal. Only once did this character every show any forms of hostility to another person but in his defense, it was due to his program being corrupted. If you want to increase this cosplays appeal, go ahead and add some armor to him to recreate the flying villain fighting version Hiro morphed him into to avenge his brother’s death.

Mad Hatter

Photo By Liviumphotography
Photo By Liviumphotography

I am always impressed when I see this character at conventions as the makeup required to create the Mad Hatter is absolutely amazing. His white face and orange eyebrows with purple eyeliner are all amazing. It really takes a lot to create this character and his attire is another story entirely. Then, you have to get into character as cosplaying the Mad Hatter may require an entire personality change. Joking laughing and being full of energy is all part of the persona of this character so make sure you chug a red bull prior to putting this cosplay on.

Buzz Lightyear

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I have always wanted to cosplay as this character as he was definitely a staple of my childhood. Not to mention, his outfit is amazing and you get to shout “To infinity and Beyond”. If that’s not reason enough for you to cosplay as this character than nothing else will convince you. I’m sure someone has done this but I have yet to see a cosplay with actual working pop-out wings. Just imagine how cool it would be if every time you pressed his red button the wings popped out. If anyone wants to make this happen shoot me a message as I would love to record it.


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 The second villain on the list is none other than the all-powerful Maleficent. She got a huge revamp with the 2014 adaptation of the film and looks very different than her 1959 version in sleeping beauty. Her large black wings are definitely going to take a bit of effort to create but, the praise you receive once they are done will certainly be worth it. You Also get to rock some awesome green contacts to accompany those magnificent wings making for an all-around amazing cosplay. If your curious about how to create these wings yourself there’s an awesome YouTube tutorial you can find HERE on how to make them.

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I hope you enjoyed this look at some awesome Disney cosplay ideas. I love to see these characters at conventions and would love to see if any of you choose to cosplay as these characters. Especially buzz lightyear, I love this character. But as always feel free to leave a comment below. If you would like any characters added to this list feel free to drop a hint below as I will be creating another idea list. Well, that’s everything for today until next time stay BOUNDLESS!!!

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