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Cosplay By Helimatra Cosplay Photo By Jeroen Weimer

Ok, so the vault is finally open. I didn’t think I would ever get the chance to relive some of the best parts of my childhood but hell, Disney is full of surprises. I mean they really spared no expense it seems. Shows I had completely forgotten about are now accessible once again and I will certainly be wasting several hours watching them. Everything from That’s So Raven to Phineas and Ferb and of course Zenon. These shows were pivotal in my childhood and hopefully, I’ll be able to relive them with my kids someday. But until then, let’s go ahead and relive our childhood days with a bit of cosplay. 

That’s right, I want to talk about the days before back pain, bills and taxes. If only we knew how good we had it then! I definitely would have capitalized on naps and snacks a lot more. It’s not until your 20’s that you realize the value of a good nap and free food. Anyways, there are tons of shows to check out on Disney + but I’m going to go ahead and give you my top 8 and why you need to watch them first. Sure the marvel and star war films are great and all but let’s give the classics the respect they deserve before we return to the modern age of Disney.  

Hocus Pocus 

A lot of people are just now watching this movie but I remember watching it back when it first aired on Disney. That’s right, let’s rewind the clocks to 1993. In my opinion this is still the best Halloween movie of all time. Sure it wasn’t scary and the acting wasn’t the best but for its time it was amazing. There are a lot of other movies that made way more money at the box office but you do not see them return to Redbox every Halloween. “I put a spell on you” is just as legendary as the “monster mash” and will forever have a special place in our heart and memories.  


Another punch right in the nostalgia section of my brain is Zenon girl of the 21st century. I really wasn’t sure if Disney + was going to include this one in the list but as I said, they spared no expense.  When I go back and watch this film, I realize just how cheesy it was. A lot of events that occurred in the movie do not make any sense but I still love it. It’s kind of like sharknado, for some reason you just can’t stop watching. In fact, people liked it so much that they made two more! I have seen all three and I don’t know what it is about these movies but they just seem to work. Maybe it was because I had a huge crush on Raven Symone. 

The Sandlot 

Ok, now were getting into the meat and potatoes section. The sandlot was basically my childhood. Well we didn’t play baseball but we did roam the neighborhood and get chased by dogs. This movie represents summers spent outside discovering nature, drinking from water hoses and inventing games. I feel it’s a concept that most 90s kids can relate to. You would ride your bike everywhere and place baseball cards in the spokes to make motorcycle sounds. Similar to the sandlot, I’m sure most can relate to hitting a ball over that one fence you just didn’t cross. If not, I’m sure you can relate to going to the pool and seeing that one girl you knew you would just end up marrying one day. I tell you, the 90s were great.  

 Darkwing Duck 

Long before shouts of “For the Horde”, “Yolo” and “Bangarang” there was “Lets Get Dangerous”. Simply uttering this statement sends nostalgic chills down my spine. 28 years later I still see the true dark knight watching over St. Canard city. Darkwing Duck was a staple for 90s cartoons and created a character that I still see cosplayed at conventions today! I really hope that with the return of these classic cartoons the newer generations will slowly begin to cosplay as the classic characters. I appreciate the newer cartoons and drawings but the original dark knight is FOREVER! 

Tron Legacy 

Although it’s not the original for the genre, Tron Legacy was definitely a breath of fresh air to an old school classic. The original Tron was released in 1982. Even I have to admit that this was a bit before my time. If you have not seen this series then the premise is that people get transported into a virtual “computer” based world. The programs are trying to escape and of course, the programmers want to keep this reality from coming true. Even if you are not one for the concept, the visuals are absolutely gorgeous. Each character basically has an assigned LED STRIP that gives you an idea of what their role in the story will be, SORTA. If we had this color scheme in the real-world life would be much easier. Especially when it comes time to select a partner.  

Kim Possible 

I see this cosplay at nearly every convention. Kim PossibleShego and Ron stoppable are characters that defined 2000’s Disney. The series was amazing and simply worked for its time. In fact its one of the only series that got its own live-action movie. Although I didn’t care for the movie, I still appreciate the fact that Disney tried to revive a classic.  In my opinion, Kim possible was an adult show as she had adult problems. She had a job she didn’t always want to go to, a social life to try and juggle, and a man that wanted to give her the world but she friend-zoned. I don’t know any other shows that were so relatable. I guess several others felt this way hence why we still see Kim possible cosplays today. 


The two series I would like to see make a return more than any other on this list are Darkwing Duck and GargoylesGargoyles was released in 94 and ran until 97. The story is actually quite sad as most of Goliaths clan was destroyed by humans. The remaining gargoyle’s were put to sleep and only allowed to awaken once their castle was raised beyond the clouds. Gargoyles was very complex and dark for its time.  There were and are a lot of things I did not pick up on until I was older. I’m hoping now since the series is on Disney +, I will be able to watch it all the way through and fully comprehend the intricate storyline.  


Last but not least we have Flubber. I really need to see someone cosplay as a scientific Robin Williams and carry around a small green blob name Flubber. I can’t tell you how many times I watched this movie on VHS. This movie was made so amazing by of course the phenomenal actor Robin Williams. I’m basically a Robin Williams groupie as he stared in most of my favorite movies ranging from Hook to Fern Gully, Flubber and Jumanji. This is actually a love story as Robin Williams ends up getting back with his fiancé because of Flubber. Well, he did miss his wedding because of Flubber but that’s not important, just watch this movie.  

If you couldn’t tell I really am looking forward to all Disney + has to offer. Walking down memory lane never gets old and I’m glad we now have a new way to indulge. I have only begun to scratch the surface of this vault but I look forward to its many hidden treasures. Thank so much for checking out my post and as always, feel free to leave a comment below. And for more awesome cosplay news click HERE! That’s going to do it for today, until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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