Dover Castle

Dover Photos Low ResCastles are iconic monuments which mark periods in time that are all but forgotten. A time in which kings and queens ruled vast lands and empires and battles were fought with swords and shields. These days are long gone but several relics still remain from these times long past. Everything from jewels to family crests can still be seen on display throughout several sites in Europe.Dover Low Res-27 Of the castles scattered throughout England, we decided to head to Dover castle. Although this castle is not as lavish as Windsor castle or as flashy as Bodiam castle, Dover castle was responsible for saving several lives over the course of WWII.

Upon entering the grounds of Dover castle you immediately noticed how incredibly preserved and well maintained the castle is. The grounds are extremely extensive and appear endless from initial inspection. Different sections of the castle grounds contain several relics from wars past. Items ranging from cannons and trebuchets to anti air craft battery’s and radio towers are scattered throughout the castles 60+ acres.Dover Photos Low Res-2 Each piece of equipment marks a different period of history in which the brave men of England had to defend their lands form oncoming invaders.

On top of exhibiting extremely well maintained structures from previous centuries, the castle also contained an underground network most notable for its use in operation dynamo.  This particular mission involved the evacuation of allied soldiers from the beaches and harbors of Dunkirk. The interactive tours gives you a small taste of what life during WWII may have consisted of. Dover Photos-11The congested tunnels and dark alleyways are difficult to navigate and one could easily become disoriented if they stray from the group. Dover Low Res-8Several sections of the tunnels still contain the initials of soldiers which carved messages and images into the solid stone walls. Two separate tours are available which take visitors through the medical tunnels and war time tunnels. I highly recommend these tours to anyone curious about WWII, you defiantly will not be disappointed.

Overall Dover proved to be an amazing castle with phenomenal sites. The gallery below only covers a few pieces of the extensive ground. Unfortunately, photography was not allowed throughout several parts of the tour so experiencing this amazing castle for yourself is a must. Dover Low Res-39If you’re lucky, the tour guides may permit you to visit the 3 lower tunnels which are only accessible a few times a month for English heritage member’s only. I can only imagine what untold secrets and memories the inaccessible locations hold.

Dover Gallery 1

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