Dr. Franken Stein Cosplay Photoshoot

Soul Eater Cosplay

Dr. Franken Stein Cosplay Photoshoot

I’m back!!! so you know that means, its time for another Boundless Post! This week I want to highlight an awesome yet brief shoot I go to do with the amazing (Katkrews). This shoot was completely spontaneous and took place at the Queen City anime Convention. For anyone who doesn’t know, Soul Eater was one of my favorite series. If you haven’t seen it I strongly recommend you drop everything you’re doing now and get your priorities straight.

Soul Eater CosplayThe story basically consists of a weapon and a wielder growing together to destroy evil. The wielder is trying to turn their weapon, which is also a person with the ability to transform into a weapon, into a death scythe. Death scythes are essentially the strongest version of each weapon. 


Dr. Franken Stein

Of the current wielders,Dr Stein is arguably the strongest. Overall, they are trying to destroy an evil god but that isn’t until much later in the series.  I don’t want to spoil it for you so please, please, please check it out.

Anyways, back to the shoot and the cosplayer (Katkrews). She completely embodied this character. Everything from the bolt in her head to the stitches etched into her face, I absolutely loved it. Dr. Franken Stein abbreviated as just Stein is extremely powerful due to his deep understanding of soul wavelengths. Soul Eater CosplayHis techniques involve moves such as soul sutures and nullifying others attacks via matching there soul wavelengths.


I know this may sound a bit confusing at the moment but watch the series and it will make a lot more sense.

Another important aspect of this character is his stitched chair. Stein is always seen rolling around in this chair rather than walking to his destinations. Throughout the series, he constantly does this and I loved the fact that Kat replicated steins habits. Just like her outfit, the chair was made from scratch which was extremely impressive.Soul Eater Cosplay Considering my skills only extend to photography, I was extremely impressed with her ability to replicate the characters habits and attributes.


I really wish I could have seen a few other characters from the series but you know how cons are, people migrate towards the most popular animes of the time lol. I would like to thank Kat again so much for letting me take her pics and coming up with some amazing poses. Soul Eater CosplayTo see more pics from the con check here. Well that’s it for this post, brief and to the point! Until the next time STAY BOUNDLESS!!!


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