Dragon Con 2016

Hey Everyone

Dragoncon 2016-25Well, Dragoncon has finally concluded and it was absolutely amazing. The costumes were great, the people were amazing and the atmosphere was perfect, I really enjoyed the amazing costumes i saw and had an even better time photographing them. Dragoncon 2016-34The dedication and commitment put into completing each costume was very noticeable in the detail and overall resemblance to the characters being portrayed. I captured as many people as I could but there were tons i missed. Hopefully i will see many of you at other cons so I can makeup for the loss. But until then, enjoy the images that I was able to capture and let me know what you think. Cant wait to see everyone again next year. Thanks everyone for the great poses and costumes.

Dragoncon 2016-24

Also, I will be adding more pictures every day, so continue to check back. I am releasing them in the order they are edited. Also please tag and share so everyone can see their image. Thanks again!

Dragoncon Gallery 1


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