Dragons Maid Shoot

Dragons Maid Shoot

Good morning? How’s everyone doing on this lovely Monday?

Hopefully, the answer is great and if not, I’m about to make it great.

Unfortunately, we are 2 weeks past momcons end ☹ but we still

have some great content from shoots at momocon that I just have

to share. Specifically, I had the pleasure of shooting with some

awesome cosplayers for a Dragons Maid Shoot. I definitely think

it’s one of the best shoots I have ever done but ill let you be the

judge. To see some previous shoots check HERE! So without further

ado lets dive into my Momocon Dragons Maid shoot!

Dragons Maid Shoot

First I have to admit, I have never personally watched this anime

but after this shoot that may change. The story revolves around the

idea that a regular office worker becomes friends with well, a

dragon. Kobayashi meets this large dragon which turns herself

into a maid and introduces herself as Tohru. She offers to let the

dragon live with her and be her personal maid. This sounds great

until other dragons and even gods begin to appear as a result of

Tohru being in the home. The series takes off from there and has

definitely captured my interest.


Tohru Dragons Maid Shoot

For this shoot, we had several characters from the series. First up

was Tohru. She’s a female dragon with obviously the ability to

transform into a human girl. She gradually becomes very

fascinated by Kobayashi and slowly falls in love with her, kinda.

This dragon is the daughter of the emperor of demise. She appears

as a blonde-haired girl with flaming orange tips, red to orange eyes

and huge boobs lol. Fun fact, apparently the maid’s outfit is

actually made up of her scales.

Ms. Kobayashi

Ms. Kobayasahi Dragons Maid Shoot

Next up we shot Ms. Kobayashi. She is just a regular human that

gets caught up in all kinds of dragon and mythical creature stuff.

Throughout the series, she is accidentally mistaken for a guy due to

her flat chest in comparison to the rest of the cast. She generally is

very kind and extremely kind-hearted. But when she becomes

drunk, all of that changes. Not to say she becomes a bad person,

just a bit wild. She has salmon pink hair and is often seen with a



Elma Dragons Maid Shoot

Third up on our shoot list was Elma. This character commonly

takes the human form a girl with short black hair that’s dyed

purple at the ends. Her most notable features are her prominent

horn and blue eyes. She also sports a long blue tail and brown

trident. One of her most prominent attributes is the fact that she

absolutely loves sweets and can be bribed with them and loses all

bodily control at the mere sight of chocolate.


Fafnir Dragons maid shoot

Fafnir is actually one of the only males in the series and sports red

eyes with round glasses. His hair is usually tied into a ponytail and

he sports an old fashion butlers outfit. Fafnir is, unfortunately, a

cursed dragon. He absolutely despises humans and extremely

greedy and stern. Like many males, Fafnir is introduced to video

games and becomes absolutely addicted to them. He slowly

throughout the series begins to accept humans though still keeps a

crude attitude towards them.

Kanna Kamui

Kanna Kamui Dragons Maid Shoot

Kanna unlike Fafnir is very mischievous and loves playing pranks.

She is one of the youngest of the dragons and frequents naps.

Although young, she can be very mouthy and is in love with snacks.

In her human form, she has white-lavender hair and blue eyes.

Her choice of clothing is a white capelet, fur collar, pink blouse and

dolly shoes. Despite her human appearance, she is actually much

older than one would think but still young in terms of dragon


Tohrus Father

Tohrus Father Dragon Maid Shoot

Last but not least we have one more male joining the lineup. This

all-powerful being is none other than Tohrus Father. Known as the

emperor of demise, he takes the appearance of a short old man

dressed in a red cloak. He has long grey hair like Gandolf and grim

looking eyes. What’s really impressive is his dragon form which is

larger than Tohru’s and much bulkier. Similar to Fafnir, he hates

humans and thinks their evil. Can’t say he’s wrong lol.


Dragons Maid Shoot

I absolutely loved this shoot and enjoyed every aspect of it. Not

only did I get to learn about a series I have never seen, but I was

able to shoot some images of some old friends. If you haven’t

checked out Dragons Maid, now is certainly the time to give it a

shot. These cosplayers look awesome in their costumes and I’m

sure you want to as well right? Even if you said NO I know you

really meant yes lol.

Group Pic Dragons Maid Shoot

Well, that does it for today’s post. Thanks again to all the cosplayers

that made this shoot possible. To see more images from the

Dragons Maid shoot look below and check out their IGs

(Stellaranebula Vega_Mccree Starberrycos Wild_Mewtwo

Theolivecatcos). Thanks so much for taking the time to read this

post, if you enjoyed this post feel free to leave a comment below.

Until next time, stay Boundless!!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post, if you enjoyed

this post feel free to leave a comment below. Until next time, stay




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