Elderly Mentors We Should Adopt

Aging is an unfortunate part of life that scientist have yet to figure out a cure for. Each year we level up at the expense of shortening our timeline. But who says getting older has to be boring or filled with dreams of avoiding a Retirement home? There’s no reason that you cant be lecturing youngsters and faking an extremely low movement speed when you aren’t out kicking ass. At least, that’s what elders in the anime universe have figured out. Throughout series, the elderly are some of the most badass characters. So much so, that the main character never even squares up against them. Well, I say we look forward to a future of backflips and sword fights rather than tapioca and diapers. Let’s check out 8 awesome elderly badasses that we should adopt as mentors.  

Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto 

First up we have the legendary 1ST division captain himself. He wields the strongest fire zanpakuto in all of bleach. What’s crazy about him like all of his fellow elderly badasses, he usually appears to be incapable of harming anyone and walks with a cane. I originally believed canes were to support one’s weight when their legs or core could not stabilize them. This concept obviously does not apply to Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto as he has no trouble walking or fighting without it. 

Master Roshi 

Master Roshi aka The Turtle Hermit or Jackie Chun is an all-around beast martial artist and part-time perv. He, of course, is the founder of one of the most well-known attacks throughout the anime world, the KAMEHAMEHA. Imagine not only being the star characters master but also being respected and strong enough to be considered for a tournament that decides the outcome of your universe. I guess when you are this strong and well known you get a few perverted comments overlooked. But let’s go ahead and agree to avoid that side of becoming elderly if we can.  

White Beard 

Edward Newgate AKA White Beard was in his prime, only second to the Pirate King (Gol D. Roger). This guy stands out even amongst his colleagues as he boasted some ridiculous stats at the battle of Marineford. He was slashed 267 times, shot 152 times, and hit by cannonballs 46 times. Most of us go down with one well-placed punch to the chin but this guy was shrugging off mortal wounds like the common cold.  I dream of the day when all of my training is complete and I can withstand mortal wounds. As long as you put your mind to it anything is possible right? 


I’m not sure if I’m not watching enough anime or have forgotten them, but it seems grandmas are never given their moment in the spotlight in anime. Well, not in the same manner grandfathers are recognized. Well, Chiyo changed all of this and man did she steal the show. But unlike many of the others on the list, she was wise enough to not put her body in danger. Instead, she opted for puppets. If you ask me this is the ultimate fighting technique when you get older. Just hook up some strings to another and make them do you’re dirty work. Definitely one of the greats that are not recognized enough. 

General Iroh  


You already know I’m always looking for a way to sneak some classic cosplays into each post. And there’s no way I could make this list without including General IrohI mean the man was nicknamed the Dragon of the west and was one of the only fire benders that could literally spit hot fire. He was also a great mentor and an outstanding grandfather. In his old age, he acquired tons of wisdom and sought to pass this knowledge on. But don’t be fooled, when talks failed he was one badass you did not want to square up against. 

Silver Fang 

Silver Fang aka Bang is one of a few characters to best SaitamaBut what makes his feet so special is that he bested Saitama in a physical game. That speaks for Bangs accuracy and power. Second, Bang renounced all modern martial arts and simply created his own. I have never attempted this but I imagine its rather difficult. He can honestly sit back in his retirement and say I’ve literally trained hundreds or thousands of potential killers and heroes. Not a bad legacy to leave behind or story to tell to others while strolling down memory lane. 

Isaac Netero 

Isaac Netero hands down wins the award for strongest exterminator in human history. I’m sure Orkin was dying to get their hands on this guy before his unfortunate end. All throughout Hunter X Hunter we saw tons of amazing fighters but none stood a chance against NeteroHis dedication to his craft made him nearly unrivaled on the battlefield.  He chose one thing and simply perfected it rather than bouncing from task to task. Definitely an idol and mentor for those looking to be successful in any venture of life.  

Sebas Tian 

 Last but not least we have Sebas TianIm not exactly sure how old he is but I’m guessing he’s one of the youngest on the list. He does not use a cane and does not hide his walking speed meaning he has not fully embraced the ways of fictional character aging.  At least that’s what I think that means right? Never the less Sebas Tian is the butler for the great tomb of nazarick. Every time we see a butler in a series we know there nearly as badass as the main character. Look at Walter C. Dornez from Hellsing, Gotoh from hunter x hunter or Jeffrey from the fresh prince of bel air. All Badasses in their own way. 

 Each of these characters were legends in their respected series and as such would likely have tons to teach and tell us. Everything from martial arts to proper etiquette can be learned from these wise old men and women. I wish I could summon one of them to assists me with my endeavors. Hopefully, you enjoyed this post as much as I did and may consider them for your future cosplay endeavors. For more awesome cosplay posts feel free to click HEREOr if you’re looking for some cosplay inspiration check out my YOUTUBE channel for some amazing videos. Thanks so much again and until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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