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Cosplay by @logancastle and @izayaanri

Anime and video games have tons of characters. Each character usually personifies or portrays a certain set of attributes or emotions. For example, they exude pride or confidence while constantly taking the lead. Other characters are constantly angry and arrogant believing they are the best or untouchable. Either way, there’s a character for everyone and deciding which character to cosplay as can be difficult. I’m personally one to try and cosplay as characters that resonate with my own personality as I do not have to change my behavior much. Today I want to look at some characters that fall into each category of emotion and maybe help you decide which character may be best for you. 



  So many characters fall into this category that I am not sure where to begin. For starters, one of the most popular is Katsuki BakugoIf you are like most of us then you have seen My Hero Academia and know that basically everything pisses this character off.  Particularly, he usually gets angry with Izuku Midoriya but just about anything will do it. Other great choices are Vegeta or Guts from berserk. There are many things that also trigger both of these characters but in general, I would say Vegetas reasons are far more superficial than GutsHe kinda has some legitimate issues.  


Mako Cosplay
Cosplay by Ely Cosplay www.facebook.com/eeelyeee

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have happiness or Joy. If you are one of those people that never seem to get down or can turn any negative situation into a positive than these characters are definitely for you. First up we have Kongou from Kantai Collection. She constantly exudes excellence and optimism while making sure to help her friends raise their spirits as well. Another great character choice would be Mako Mankanshoku. Nearly everyone has also seen Kill La Kill and knows just how sweet and lovable Mako Mankanshoku was. Well, that was until she got her 2 star uniform.  Then she gets her bat and goes all Negan 


hisoka_cosplay_by_elena89hikari instagram.com/lena_lewin_/

There’s one main character that comes to mind whenever this topic is mentioned. I’m sure you have a good idea who this character is before I even mention him. If you didn’t guess it no worries but when the term Psychotic is mentioned then you have to consider my man DeadpoolHis brain is literally being torn apart and reconstructed by cancer and his mutant abilities. One of my personal favorites also happens to be in this category. I’m not sure what that says about me but hey whatever lol. Anyways, Hisoka is another absolutely crazy character and has the skills to back it. His entire goal is to raise two children to become powerful fighters so he can kill them. Bit off if you ask me. 


All-Might-Leon Chiro cosplay

Everyone usually loves characters from this category as they are the main protagonists of most series. I believe that this is the easiest emotional class to relate to as most of us have a strong sense of right and wrong. Most series also rely on the theme of good and evil clearly designating which characters fall into each category. A great example of a character that tries to always do the right thing while being heroic is Captain America. Others include Superman and Aang from Avatar the last Airbender. We have to also include Izuku Midoriya and the man that overcame everything, Mr Hokage, himself Uzumaki Naruto.  


Demon Slayer Cosplay by Erin.lynam
Demon Slayer Cosplay by Erin.lynam

Similar to Heroic heroes, tons of characters fall into this category with Scar (Full Metal Alchemist) and Uchiha Sasuke being two of the most prominent. The series at several points attempts to make these characters out to be evil but after watching there backstory, you can’t help but sympathize with them. On the opposite side of the revenge spectrum, we have Tanjiro Kamado who is seeking revenge but isn’t painted as a villain. Quite the contrary, he’s actually the hero of the series. I guess technically we could have also placed this character in the Heroic category. 


Hinata Hyuga Cosplay By Kinpatsu Cosplay
Hinata Hyuga Cosplay By Kinpatsu Cosplay

Who doesn’t like love stories? Boy meets girl, girl falls in love, boy takes an entire season to realize he loves girl, or possibly several seasons. Either way, they eventually figure things out and get together right? Regardless if you are into love stories, we all understand and can usually relate. Some of the hopeless romantic characters that we have seen over the years are Hinata Hyuga and Kousei ArimaThough the stories and anime series each of these characters are in drastically differs, they are both characters in love. Viewers can usually 100% relate to this. Unfortunately, one of them has a happy ending while the other is extremely tragic. 


Cosplay by Witchiko Photo By andyamasaki
Cosplay by Witchiko Photo By andyamasaki

We can all be jealous at times. Mabe about an ex-lover or being passed up for a promotion. I’m sure you have experienced jealousy in some form and as such there are many characters out there that relate to you.  Let’s take a look at our first character, Yuno Gasai. This character is absolutely absurd with how jealous she gets when anyone gets close to Yukiteru AmanoThis jealousy often hits Yukiteru Amano as well-meaning even he isn’t safe from her jealous rage.  Second, we have Envy. Despite her reasons for jealousy being completely different from Yuno Gasai, they are no less valid and this makes her a great candidate if you want to blow off some jealous steam.


Cosplay by @scottdmaddox
Erza Scarley Cosplay by @scottdmaddox

I left the best category for last. Maybe you have that one character that has always captured your attention or you thought man, this is someone I NEED to be for Halloween. Either way, its 2020 and now’s the time to get into gear. The list for this category is so extensive but instead of using my own personal choices, Ill use some of the ones the internet has decided on. Apparently some of the top-ranked sexy characters are Erza Scarlet, Rias Gremory , Yuki Asuna  and NamiSince beauty is subjective feel free to cosplay as anyone you find sexy and who knows, you may just meet that special person at a convention that also finds you sexy. 

Jasmine and Cloud cosplay by @Sanuracosplay and @aquariustaughtme
Jasmine and Cloud cosplay by @Sanuracosplay and @aquariustaughtme

I hope you enjoyed this rollercoaster of emotional characters. As you can see there’s a wide range of characters that fit everyone’s emotional state and hopefully, this small list will help you narrow down your selection. Even if it doesn’t, it may help you break certain characters into categories making it easier to decide which one you want to do next. Thanks so much for checking out my post and for more cosplay news feel free to click HERE! If podcasts are more your thing, click HERE! Thanks so much again and until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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