EVA Foam And Armor Builds


Well, momocon is over and now its back to business as usual, aka

back to our regularly scheduled programs. Thus, we have an

awesome post for you today about cosplay armor. Many of us are

new to the cosplay scene and still buy several of our cosplays

because we do not know how nor have the creativity to make our

own cosplays.

In the world of creating cosplays, there

are lots of options to choose from. We have worbla, Eva Foam &

Wonderflex to name a few. In today’s article, we are going to focus on Eva

Foam. I plan on releasing some other articles about additional materials

but for today lets stay focused. So let’s check out the pros and Cons of EVA

foam for creating cosplay Armor.


First off we have probably the most important factor when it comes to

cosplaying and that’s price. Of all the options, EVA Foam is probably the

cheapest. This material comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses and can

vary between $40 and $10 dollars. Its extremely durable and can vary

between 1mm and 10mm in thickness. Obviously, for areas such as chest

and thigh pieces, you want a much thicker foam to make the armor look

larger and to have some playroom for adding designs and or L.E.D strips.

Along with being budget-friendly, EVA foam comes in a variety of colors.

Specifically, a subdivision of EVA foam is Craft foam, and that’s where you

usually see the assortment of colors. This foam is slightly thinner allowing

it to be a lot more flexible. The assortment of colors also means you can

save money with paint. I know it may not seem like much but saving 5

dollars here and 10 dollars there all adds up when you’re creating massive

armor builds. A commonly crafted armor build from EVA Foam is the N7

armor from mass effect. Side note, if you haven’t played this game,

definitely check it out!

Easy To Form  

Another extremely important aspect of picking your desired cosplay

material comes in the form of user-friendliness or flexibility. You can heat

EVA Foam to create different shapes which are obviously important when

designing your cosplay armor. This allows you to cut down on the amount

of sanding you have to do get that perfectly smooth texture for any required

painting. It also means you will have more room for errors because let’s

face it, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. But as we discussed

earlier, EVA foam is cheap so that means you are allowed to make some

mistakes since you will likely have extra sheets and can replace any

destroyed pieces for the low.


The last pro may not seem important to many but trust me, outside of price

its likely the second most important aspect to consider. Eva Foam is

extremely durable. This means you will not have to be tiptoeing around at

conventions to maintain that perfect con, cosplay look. There’s nothing

worse than putting in tons of hours on a cosplay to only have it destroyed

by a shipping accident or being bumped into by a fellow cosplayer.

I have

seen this happen several times and watched the despair that ensued.

Imagine finally getting that one awesome cosplay photographer to take

your picture (Aka Boundlessperception 😊) and having to turn him down

because your cosplay isn’t photo ready.

I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy so long story short, strongly

consider EVA Foam when creating your next Cosplay Armor. But its brother

Craft Foam is nowhere near as durable and must really be integrated

wisely into your cosplay. As stated, it does have the pro of coming in

different colors but this pro comes at the cost of being more fragile. So, I

would advise only using it for areas you know are not going to be

constantly getting bumped or nudged.


Now for the cons! Well, that pro we spoke about earlier is a double-edged

sword. Sure, you can buy different widths or thickness levels of EVA Foam

but in general, your going to need some power tools to get you down to the

thickness you desire. This means lots of sanding and dremeling even after

you have heated and molded your piece.

Photo By: Santosphotocosplay

You will also possibly need to saw

some of the pieces to get it just right. But do not be discouraged by all of

this. It sounds like a lot to undertake but like anything, it gets better and

you will become faster with time. Look at the image above and below and

tell me its not worth it? Your cosplay armor will be inciting looks of wonder

in no time!


The final con to EVA foam and craft foam is the required accessories. To

effectively work with this material, you’re going to need more than the

foam and a knife. Specifically, you’re going to minimum need these 3 items.

The first being a heat gun. In order to create those perfectly rounded edges

or odd shapes, you will need to heat the foam to a certain temperature

before you can mold it. Just make sure you don’t burn yourself, trust me it’s

a lot easier to do than you think.

Next, we’re going to need some Bondo. This stuff is nothing more than

automotive body filler but drastically increases the appearance of your

cosplay armor. It will also decrease the flexibility of your EVA Foam so

make sure you give some thought before you apply it. Maybe directly over a

knee or elbow piece of Eva Foam isn’t the best place to start Bondoing.

Lastly, you may need some mod podge. This essentially acts as a primer for

spray paint. It creates less texture meaning you won’t have to do as much

sanding to get that piece just right.

A lot of the images in this post were created using EVA foam and show

what the possibilities are. You can create anything you have seen or

possibly imagined on a budget with Eva Foam. All it takes it some practice

and patience. I hope you enjoyed this look at the pros and cons of Eva

Foam. With any luck, this post will help you make the troubling decision of

which type of material to choose for your next armor build. If you enjoyed

this post please leave a comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts.

And for more cosplay fun, check HERE! Well, that’s it for today, until next

time, stay BOUNDLESS!!!

PS: Many Of the PHOTOS Show the Importance of a good cosplay

Photographer! :). Also, I included a list of what you should be looking for

when determining which thickness to select for your Eva Foam.

Credit To Cosplay Mat

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