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Most anime series usually have a protagonist that is possessed, corrupt or evil in some way. I mean who doesn’t like to see the bad guy get what they deserve in some way. Good old karma right? Well excluding Garou and maybe a few other characters from certain series. But long story short, what goes around comes around and that means its only a matter of time until the villain finally gets what he deserves. But who are these dispensers of justice? Well they could be anyone from villains turned good (Alucard)  to overpowered citizens such as One Punch ManSo, with that idea in mind, lets check out my top 5 favorite evil slayers. 

Tanjiro Kamado 

Photo By Chihiro

First up we have the awesome Tanjiro Kamado. This badass teenager decided to join the forces of good after his entire family was slaughtered by demons. If this isn’t enough to get you to join the demon slaying corps I don’t know what is? To make matter worse, his sister is still struggling to resist the demonic influence and retain her humanity. This is rather tragic and there deaths were very gruesome but man the training this guy had to do inorder to fight against demons was just as bad.  

Photo By Chihiro

Everything from dodging traps and cutting boulders to increasing his lung capacity were necessary to fight against the forces of evil. Many of us get tired just thinking about running a mile and this guy had to run multiple with his younger sister on his back. Na, I might just have to turn this situation over to the authorities and hope for the best lol. Because lets face it, training in anime is absolutely ridiculous!  

One Punch Man 

Photo By Xeno-Photography

Next up we have one of the most overpowered characters ever created. That’s right Mr. nonchalant himself. This is one of the only series where characters don’t have to go through ridiculous training routines to become strong as hell. He basically stumbled into his powers, the way you stumble across stray dogs and kittens. Anyways, One Punch Man doesn’t destroy demons necessarily because its his motivating factor in life. He does want to be a hero but now that none of the monster can give him a legitimate challenge its more like something he does when hes bored.  

Photo By Jason Tran

Imagine applying this concept to anything in life.  Im so smart I take tests when im bored. Or I became a billionaire only because I had nothing else to do. This would probably be the best life ever at first but I could see how it would grow boring and tiring after a while. None the less, I would like to at least get the chance to experience it. The same way people say money doesn’t solve all problems, at least let me discover this fact for myself! 


Photo By Neni-chan

Sango wielded a very unique weapon that dispatched evil most of the time upon contact. This is a rather old series so if you don’t know don’t feel bad. Her weapon of choice was a massive and I mean absolutely massive boomerang. The sheer size of this thing would have been enough to make me act right. Like you know what, I’m sorry about all that foolishness I was doing, I’m going to spend the rest of my life doing the lords work LOL.  


No, but seriously, this thing was a site to behold. Although she doesn’t rank as high in the evil slaying department as One Punch Man, she is no slouch when it comes to the destruction of evil.  Shes also not a main character and we all know how kind the power of the pen can be to main characters. Never the less if your looking for an awesome evil slaying cosplayer from the past check out Sango. 

All Might 

Photo By Eduard Luzhetsk

You know I had to include the number 1 hero in this list. Mr. “Its all Right because im here” himself. Arguably not as strong due to the passing of his quirk to Midoriya, All Might is a force to be reckoned with. Nearly everything he does is absolutely ridiculous and over the top. His entrance, attacks and overall personality wreak of greatness and don’t f**k with me or mine. I have photographed a decent number of All Mights and have a theory that cosplaying as this character increases your personality 10x LOL. 

Photo By Khainsaw

Cosplayers usually stick there chests out and imitate his deep laugh making the shoots and the outfit all the greater. When it comes to evil slaying, this guy is definitely up there. I’m not sure exactly how many monsters he has dispatched but its enough to make him the number 1 hero so that has to speak loads right? I would love to see someone dress up as any of the monsters from the series and be chased around by All Might at a convention. I think that would make for a great video idea! 

Goblin Slayer 


Ok, lets just talk for a minute about how much of a savage this character is. Smoking, burning drowning, all of them are fare game when it comes to Goblin SlayerHe takes his job very serious and is an absolute specialist when it comes to slaying goblins. If I had a 10th of this guys motivation im sure I would be a lot further along in life. But don’t worry, im getting there, at least I think I am.  Anyways this is another great choice if you decide to cosplay as an evil slayer.  

Photo By Sanosukeleon

Not only does this cosplay look gorgeous but its also aesthetically pleasing. At least it is to me do the fact that its an armored cosplay. Unfortunately, if your not making this cosplay yourself, it can be rather expensive. Ez cosplay lists the full set for $863. That’s a bit steep for my budget at the moment but im sure all of you rich cosplayers have no trouble shoving at the cash for this masterpiece right lol?   

Photo By Eyestrain

I hope you enjoyed this look at some of my favorite evil slaying anime characters. There are soo……. many that I did not include on this list just because I decided to make it a list of five individuals. I may do another one in the future and include another five characters. If there is anyone specific that you would like to see on this list feel free to leave a message below. Thanks so much for checking out and my post and as always stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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