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Hows everyone doing, I decided to dedicated today’s post to

Spotting a Rookie Cosplay Photographer from a Veteran or

Experienced photographer. This post is a

continuation of my COSPLAY PHOTOGRAPHER post. It was a great

read in my opinion and I would know since I wrote it. But

seriously check it out HERE if you get the time, you wont be

disappointed and may even learn a thing or to. But anyways, back

to the matter at hand. Selecting a Rookie from a Veteran.

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018

All too common I hear cosplayers tell horror stories of cosplay

photographers. Statements regarding photographers

that have collected payment in advance and are a no show.

Well hopefully I can give a few tips to avoid such scenarios. Lets

begin with a fundamental step in the cosplay photographer

selection process, PAST WORK. 

1.Past Work 

When I first began cosplay photography I was taking pictures that

looked like this (Left Image) . Now its not a terrible picture but its

definitely leagues behind what I am doing today. I didn’t fully

understand my cameras setting nor what made great poses. So

with that being said, please check a photographers previous work

and style of photography. Just because a photographer takes great

studio images does not mean he can take great on scene images.

2. Equipment 

I know they say a great photographer makes the image not the

equipment but lets be honest, your not getting the same images

with a disposable as you are with a full frame DSLR. Lots of people

ask what I shoot with so ill go ahead and touch on that real quick.

Personally, I shoot with a mid-tier camera, a Nikon D7000. My lens

kit ranges from a Nikon NIKKOR 50mm to a kit 18-55mm lens.

I still have yet to invest in the NIKKOR 85mm which is considered

the holly grail of portrait photography but im getting there. These

images were shot on my original Nikon D3200 which is an intro


Nikon d3200 Image

I also upgraded from a Yongnuo YN568EX speed light

to 3 ORLIT Rovelight 610. Accompanying these large monolights are

3 Neewer 32inch Softboxes. I don’t want to turn this

into a gear post so ill leave it there. These additions have greatly

improved my images and post work time. Veterans know the

importance of quality equipment and will spend some extra cash

to add that extra pop to their images.  


The last and most important aspects of a Veteran is a combo skill

that I couldn’t really separate. They

are PATIENCE and FLEXIBILITY. I cant tell you how many shoots I

had that didn’t go according to plan but you have to role with the

punches. Several of my shoots run over because I am more

concerned with getting the shot rather than making money and

running through clients. If I have to take a few more shots to get

the image im looking for and time runs over so be it. 

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018

Satisfying the customer is much more important in my opinion

than being concerned with running 10 minutes late. Look at the

difference between these two images. Despite the fact that they

were at different locations and on different cameras, the largest

difference is experience and patience. As I grew more comfortable

with shooting and knowing the image I am looking for ,my images

got better. I cant not stress how important it is when booking a

photographer to seek these attributes.

Well, that about wraps it up for today’s post. Thank you everyone

that spends the time and actually reads these articles. If you do,

please leave a comment below. Let me know any topics you would

like me to cover or address any questions you have. That’s it for

now until next time, STAY BOUNDLESS!!!  

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