Extremely Beautiful Cosplay Outfits For the Return of Cosplay Conventions

 Cosplay outfits have very attractive features that fans resonate with. Not all outfits are the same and what everyone considers beautiful certainly varies and of course depends on preference. However, you have to admit that some of the outfits are undisputedly more eye-catching when compared to others. Fans of anime resonate with different outfits but some hold a special position in their hearts. In this post, there will be a comprehensive discussion of 10 of the most beautiful cosplay outfits you should look into for the return of cosplay conventions.

The infinity cherry blossom cosplay

This simple yet elegant costume is one of the most beautiful cosplay outfits out there and is admired by many people that enjoyed the series SK8 the Infinity. This anime came with admirable ideologies that present a variety of dimensions. The cosplay comes in many shades and sizes, all of which bring out the beauty of the outfit. Some of the extras often included with this outfit are; armbands, pants, gloves, wrist guards, top, face masks, and girdles. I highly doubt skateboards are allowed at conventions but this cosplay would be great to wear if you are a skater. I could just imagine making an amazing video at a skate park while in full Kaoru Sakurayashiki cosplay.

Haruhi Suzuiya cosplay costume

Another simple cosplay that has a very subtle beauty to it. All you would need in regards to this outfit is your unique measurements placed alongside your order to get it tailor-made to your satisfaction. Outfits made to fit your Bodystyle always look amazing as everyone needs to have certain areas trimmed while others expanded. This particular cosplay outfit comes with the costume displayed. But, you can add on weapons and boots along with a wig to further enhance the cosplay. In my opinion, it is the accessories and the minor details cosplayers add to costumes that really enhance and bring out their unique cosplay style. This of course makes sense as cosplay is all about your expression and love for the gaming and anime universe.

Astolfo Cosplay Costume

Ok, now it’s time to kick this post up a notch with Astolfo. She is a rider class from the fate series. There is no way you can argue the beauty of this cosplay. I mean just look at how elaborate this outfit is. Fate series fans will certainly notice you along with everyone else at the convention if you bust out this beauty. The outfit gives you both an elegant look and that perfect yet head-turning presentation. Astolfos designers went with a very simple color scheme that exudes awesomeness while not drawing too much attention from her personality. She is after all a fighter. The color combination comes in shades of purple and pink which certainly bring out her feminine characteristics.

The Five Star Stories Kallen Costume

You know how I love the classics and I’m certainly taking it back with this next outfit. This Manga costume is irresistibly beautiful and it is considered one of the best cosplay outfits in the series. It gives you a victorious outlook from a dominion point of view. It is a representation of royal attire that inspires resilience and bravado. When wearing the outfit, one feels like they can do anything as I’m sure most of us have never worn anything so elegant. With this outfit, you stop feeling ordinary and you begin to develop an amazing sensation that is purely brought on by the amazingness of this cosplay. I, unfortunately, could not find a link to this cosplay but I’m sure you talented cosplayers can craft it or have it commissioned. We did after all get Bidden bucks lol. As a substitute, you could check out Amaterasu no Mikado.

Roman Torchwick Anime Costumes

It is one of the best animes with some of the most unique outfits and weapons hands-down. RWBY anime cosplays outfits are beautifully designed and rarely disappoint. This of course holds true for Torchwicks outfit. For those who love living on the edge and cosplaying villains, this is the cosplay for you. Roman Torchwick is an amazing thief that stole dust supplies from dust till dawn. Torch decided that if you’re going to commit evil deeds then you might as well do it in style. His outfit is both simple and bold. Unfortunately, RWBY red has begun to fade into the memory banks of many but that’s no reason to forget about this amazing character. His combination of boldness and charm will give you the right attitude for hopefully winning first place at the next cosplay convention.

Kendappa-OU Anime Costume

Kendappa-OU outfit gives you a Queens- touch. The design is perfectly made to create an experience that reeks of royalty. It is a very feminine outfit that will draw many admirers and photographers. The series is rather old so you will hopefully not run into any other Kedappa-OU cosplayers making you one of a kind. Go ahead and start practicing your princess walk and royalty stance as they will definitely aid you when cosplaying as this character. Also, just in case you want to add a little razzle-dazzle to this outfit, feel free to grab a harp which she is commonly seen carrying around in the manga.

Ahiru Princess Tutu Costume

Here we have another royal cosplay. If you haven’t noticed, it seems that royalty in anime always seems to get the best outfits. Anyways, as with the other characters, this princess attire comes with beauty and character. But this character is very different from the others because she’s actually a duck. That’s right, you heard what I said. She has a magical pendant that transforms her from a duck into her alter ego Princess Tutu. So I guess technically if you wanted you could also go the furry route and cosplay as a duck. Either one would be an acceptable cosplay idea. But I just get a feeling you won’t be as elegant as a duck as you would be in her Princess Tutu form.

Kaori Miyazono Costume

Kaori Miyazono said, “Whether you’re sad, you’re a mess, or you’ve hit rock bottom, you still have TO PLAY! That’s how people like us survive“. I really resonate with this statement as we are always trying to “play”. What I mean is that we are always striving to get back to the things we really love despite having to do things we do not enjoy doing. Anyways that aside, this is one of the most charming and beautiful anime cosplay costumes. It will give you an independent attitude that is highly charged and free-spirited. When wearing this attire, you are able to command undiluted attention as far as beauty and charm are concerned. The simplicity in the design of this cosplay gives you a perfect touch of ecstasy and elegance to compliment your cosplay style.

Cardcaptor Sakura Cosplay Costume

Cardcaptor Sakura has been around for a long time and has seen many outfits. There are so many to choose from and since I have covered some of her more elaborate outfits in other posts, I figured I choose one I had never seen at a convention before. This beautiful bright red sakura outfit isn’t super flashy but would be a great predecessor for a more elaborate cosplay later on the weekend. In most cases, anime cosplay attires are designed to blend both culture and fashion. This outfit certainly does that and when combined with her staff, other cosplayers will certainly know who you are.

Fuku Sailor Moon Scout Anime Cosplay Costume

Last but not least we have one of the most iconic outfits ever created. Sailor Moon has just as many if not more fans than Dragonball z.This beautiful outfit has withstood the test of time and is forever adorable. It is one of the best attires for scout fighters that are dedicated to fighting evil by moonlight. In fact, when one has dedicated themself to such a powerful course like fighting evil spirits, this attire is sure to keep you highly inspired and charged for anything evildoers will throw your way. It gives you a powerful force of will that makes it possible for you to pursue justice and always come out on top. You can never go wrong with a sailor moon cosplay and if your join forces with other sailor cosplayers, you will always bring about those nostalgic feelings us oldtimers grew to love.

There are surely no lack of amazing cosplay outfits to choose from. Every day new ones are being created but some of these outfits are timeless classics that will never, in my opinion, fade from style. Cosplay conventions are certainly returning so make sure you are ready to show exactly what more than a year away from a convention looks like. Thanks so much to all the people that check out my posts, I really appreciate it. For more awesome cosplay fun and news feel free to check out my YouTube and other cosplay articles. Until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!!

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