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Ahri Cosplay By mewpiie_cosplay

Do you ever look at some of the cosplays at each convention and wonder, how in the hell did they create something so amazing? I mean some cosplay costumes simply go above and beyond. They are perfectly sculpted to the cosplayer’s body and have so much detail in them I would have trouble distinguishing it from the real costume. Well, I have spoken with some of these cosplayers and they shared some of their secrets and experiences on my BLOG so check that out HERE 

Aside from discovering their secret crafting techniques, I also wanted to cover some of the items you will need to create that next amazing cosplay. That’s right, you’re gonna need a lot more than basic EVA FOAM  to craft that next amazing con masterpiece. Everything from Heat Guns and Hot Glue Guns are gonna be needed to mash all of that foam into a cosplay. So without further ado, let’s check out some Foam Cosplay Creation Tools. 

Heat Gun 

Heat gun

One of the most important items that you need to invest in is a good Heat GunI have had people ask if they could just use their blow dryer. Technically this could work in a pinch but you really do not want to be using a hairdryer consecutively. Just go ahead and take the plunge and invest in that heat gun which you are going to be using for several months to come. Because I’m sure now that you have caught the cosplay bug, it will not be abandoning you anytime soon! 

X-Acto Craft Knife 

You did not think you were going to get all of those intricate details with a pair of scissors, did you? And don’t even think about using your mom’s good kitchen knives. That brings another aspect into this talk that we do not need to touch on. A sharp X-Acto Knife permits you to make very precise and intricate cuts that will allow you to get that jewel or skull just right. Besides, there not that expensive. 

Dremel Tool 

Dremel Tool

Another heavy hitter in the cosplay creation process is the Dremel ToolThe Dremel is a rotary based power tool that can use many attachments to carve away and detail unique aspects of your costume. It can be equipped with a wide array of Attachments that allow drilling, sanding, and cutting. You may survive a few hours of manually cutting EVA Foam and sanding. But eventually, you’re going to grow tired and fatigued. That’s when your Dremel takes over. 

Metal Ruler 

Metal Ruler

Probably a common sense item but let’s go ahead and include for completeness sake. Measuring the exact length and thickness of items is needed for consistency throughout your costume and to make sure certain areas are more durable than others. Whether you are following a guide or creating the cosplay from scratch, your definitely going to want to know the thickness of each section of your costume. If you want to be even more precise you can use a set of Veneer Calipers

Glue Gun 

Glue Gun

Obviously, you’re going to need a method to snap all of those intricately cut items together. This is where you pull out that awesome Glue GunThere are several types of glue that can be used for creating cosplays but Hot Glue will usually get the job done. Don’t forget to actually purchase the Glue Sticks. Nothing worse than getting halfway through a cosplay and having to run out to the store and put the entire project on pause. It’s hard to catch that creation rhythm again. 



Please do not forsake safety in the cosplay creation process. Breathing in all of that foam dust is sure to cause some type of ailness that insurance is not going to cover lol.  Imagine having to explain to the doctor that you were trying to carve out the goblin slayers mask and neglected to wear a respirator and that’s why your sitting in his office with an asthma attack. Yep let’s just avoid that entire scenario and wear a RespiratorDon’t forget to purchase an extra set of Filters with that Respirator. 

Scroll Saw 

I absolutely love my scroll saw and I cannot emphasize the amount of time it saves. Scroll saws are awesome tools that allow you to cut very intricate patterns. Just do a google search for scroll saw patterns and you will see how amazing some of them can be. Constructing amazing cosplays is all about time, dedication and attention to detail. This tool will save you time and allow you to create some amazing detail once mastered. Invest in one early rather than later. 


Once again if you are looking to save time than the Oscillating Spindle Sander and Orbital Sander are going to be your best friend. No matter if your making armor out of EVA Foam or 3D-Printing it you’re going to need to sand your pieces. This can be a very time-consuming process when done by hand and it’s extremely boring. So go ahead and automate it a bit so you can just power through and get it out of the way.  

Spray Gun 

A good Spray Gun is invaluable in the final steps of the cosplay creation process. Like sanding, several passes and many layers are needed to create the final product. With a brush or roller, the painting process can take a while. Sure you will have to slow down for the smaller pieces but no need to take more time than necessary. Go ahead and pull out the Spray Gun for a more even coat and a speedier process. 

Concave Carving Blade 

Last but not least you will need a Concave Carving BladeThis is just a blade attachment for your X-Acto-Knife that can also ease the cutting process. Creating intricate designs with this item is similar to the straight blade but it allows you to cut through thicker material slightly easier. If you have never used this type of blade don’t worry, it does not take long to get the hang of but it is extremely sharp so play it safe and never cut towards your body. 

I hope you enjoyed this look at some of the tools needed to craft Eva Foam armor. I’m sure these items will make the crafting process a lot easier so snag them immediately or accumulate them slowly. If you enjoyed this post go ahead and leave a comment below. I look forward to hearing from you. Well, that’s it for today, until next time stay Boundless!!!   

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