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Capoeira Logo 2Kicking, dancing and singing are all unique forms of expressions which drastically vary in each nation, culture and individual. Each movement accents the performer creating a unique and unforgettable experience. This statement couldn’t be more true than in the world of martial arts.

Capoeira Shoot-60Each strike represents a purpose and has a specific reason. Whether your goal is to disrupt, distract or offset your opponent, there is a plethora of movements to choose from. With this post I decided I needed to take a break from the London trip and give a bit more attention to a few other passions. Most of you know I am interested in a wide array of things but for the newcomers ill fill you in on one of these passions. Hence we enter the world of capoeira.

You may be asking yourself what the above logo represents. Well, it represents and stands for so much it’s hard to decide where to begin. But I guess history is always a great starting point. Capoeira roots can be traced back to Brazil. African slaves used this Afro-Brazilian martial art to escape their captors. It combines acrobatics, music and dance into an artistic display all the while demonstrating power, control and precision. Several groups exist throughout the capoeira world but we are going to focus on Cordao de Ouro. It was founded by Mestre Suassuna and has groups all throughout the world. But that’s enough for the history lesson. Let’s get to the good part, the songs and awesome movements.

           Capoeira Shoot-46 In Charlotte NC, I have the honor and privilege of practicing capoeira with many other capoeiristas at the Brazilian Arts Center. Practicing this martial art takes persistent and yields rewards like no other. Each capoeirista demonstrates flexibility, passion and determination but most importantly friendship and respect. Each cartwheel and kick seamlessly transitions into the next creating an elegant display of movements which mesmerizes onlookers. The constant swaying from left to right gradually evolves and develops into an unspoken language which only the participants can understand. This language is absolutely enticing and creates curiosity in even the most reserved individuals. During this shoot, fascination and excitement were obvious from the constant jaw dropping looks on the faces of people gradually surrounding the Roda (circle). The capoeistas currently facing one another were fueled by large wooden instruments called berimbaus.

These instruments use a single string, rock or coin, gourd and wooden stick to create amazing melodies. The Berimbau is accentuated by two additional instruments, the Pandero (tambourine) and Atabaque (drum). Each instrument is precisely tuned to harmonize with the next resulting in an invisible/supernatural energy. Each member comprising the Roda repeats a specific chorus designated by the leader of the Roda. Every song is performed in Portuguese and commonly translates to songs about love, friendship and movements performed by the two capoeiristas.

       This amazing art of self-expression and defense has become a pillar of support  which I could not do without. The constant drive to learn more and develop the skills I have already obtained compels me to continue this extraordinary martial art.  If you have never given capoeira a try, feel free to visit our school in Charlotte NC. We are currently located at Capoeira Shoot-1022609 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205. All ages are welcome and there is no such thing as a person “unable to practice capoeira”. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

To see more images from this shoot look below, Also feel free to check out other images demonstrating capoeira below!!!


Big thanks to everyone for making this shoot possible.





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