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This has been an amazing year for cosplay photography. I have been lucky enough to see some amazing cosplays and make several new friends. Several of these costumes actually turned out to be gender-bend cosplays. For anyone unfamiliar with this term it basically means cosplay where the character is worn by the opposite sex. So characters such as Captain America or the Joker are actually worn by the opposite gender.

Cosplay By Daraya-Crafts and Photo By Evahlavatap

Several of these cosplays actually look much better than the original in my opinion. There’s just something about the originality and creativity that is instituted with gender-bend cosplays. The original costume usually does not fit the same way it does on the opposite sex so you have to get creative with some of the items and even add others in. So on that note, I would like to pay tribute to some amazing gender-bend cosplays and give you some ideas for your next convention. Side note Feel free to use the base outfit as your starting point. That’s where I would begin.



First, let me start by saying Ganondorf is my favorite character in the Zelda series. He is the man and would beat anyone any day I don’t care what the story says. Second, I would highly recommend building this costume out of EVA Foam as it looks amazing. But if you do not have time the preconstructed version looks awesome as well. Just look at how amazing this image is. Who would have thought Ganondorf would look so amazing as a female? I absolutely love this image and can only hope I get to capture such an amazing Ganondorf cosplay at my next convention.

Han Solo

Cosplay and Photography By@anastasyazelenova

I’ll openly admit Han Solo was one of my least favorite characters in the Star Wars Galaxy. He just really didn’t personify cool for me. I know a lot of people would disagree with this statement but that’s just my personal preference. I was always more of a Jedi man with Kit Fisto being my favorite. Anyways though, I definitely reconsidered the entire character’s persona once I saw this cosplay. It’s amazing and really makes the character shine. I would really like to do a desert shoot with a gender-bend Han Solo. Sigh Someday!

Lady Joker


Heath ledger was my favorite Joker by far but this classic joker sporting his signature suit and pants with green hair and pale skin tone are so amazing. This image is not only amazing because it’s a gender-bend cosplay but also because it really brings back memories. Everyone knows I’m a sucker for the classics and this cosplay definitely strikes a chord. The makeup in this image is extravagant and really brings the entire outfit together. Definitely give the makeup a few practices before convention day.

Cru Ella De Vil

Photo By UmoPhoto
Photo By UmoPhoto

Cru Ella De Vil is definitely not given the respect she deserves when it comes to the Disney villain scene. Other characters such as Maleficent or Jafar usually outshine her. But do you know how cruel you have to be to want to murder and skin a puppy? And no not just one puppy, 101 puppies. I’m not sure if there’s an expedited lane to hell but I’m sure if there was this has to get you into it. That aside, this gender-bend cosplay is phenomenal! It’s not so common that you see males pull off female cosplays as well as this so I tip my hat to you, sir, nicely done.


Photo By Roger Lee Cosplay By NovemberCosplay

This cosplay is one of the easier ones on the list but can look just as amazing if enough effort is put into it. Hades was hella powerful and did not need amazing armor or weapons to let you know he was a badass. He opted for the simple black toga which has become iconic to the character. I personally think a female version of him is much more appealing than his male version. Maybe I’ve just grown accustomed to seeing it but the female version is definitely a nice change of pace. I think the most difficult aspect of this cosplay is the wig which will take a bit of work to get just right.

Female Joker Suicide Squad

Cosplay by Sarina-Rose Photo By Sarina Rose

Did I mention I love the joker? Yea I think I did! This cosplay is so amazing. Suicide joker brought a very different spin to a classic character and ditched his classy suit and tie in favor of what I like to deem streetwear. They kept the color the same with regards to his new jacket along with green hair. But the face tattoos and bling were definitely an unexpected but welcomed change for me. This gender-bend lady joker just shows what can happen when you really are vested in a project. It looks so amazing and I hope I can see one in person one day.


Cosplay and Photo By Puppetts Fall

Childs play was one of the most terrifying movies for me as a child. I mean what the hell? Who thinks up the idea of a doll capable of murder. I really need to expand my thought process and start coming up with some of this stuff so I can become a millionaire. Anyways, I never really wanted to think about this character ever again but after seeing this amazing gender-bend Chucky you can’t help but ponder the idea of a female Chucky. Even though I admire this amazing cosplay, I still have no urge to stumble upon it in a conventions long dark corridors late at night.

Female Reinhardt

Photo By Affliction Photography and Cosplay by Azulann

Another cosplay that’s gonna take some skill and a tone of Eva Foam to create but man will it be worth it. Just look at this hulking behemoth. It looks so damn gorgeous and the way it fits the cosplayer is absolutely amazing. It’s not as large as its male counterpart but it looks like the character would be a good bit more mobile. And we all know speed equates to survivability on the battlefield. If your looking at this cosplay and wondering how you’re even going to go about constructing such a thing feel free to check HERE. These videos can give you a few of the basics and get you underway.

Star Lord

Photo By York In A Box

Not the strongest character in the marvel universe but definitely one of the most memorable. His witty comments and quick thinking has gotten the guardians out of numerous situations. Unfortunately his emotions did get the better of him and cause the entire galaxy to be halved. But that aside; he is rather dependable and has come through for his team several times. This gender-bend cosplay sports him in an entirely new light and is definitely a nice alternative to the traditional male role. For some reason it kinda reminds me of how they changed the traditional male role of Starbuck to a female in Battlestar Galactica.


Cosplay By Yirico and Photo By John Lynn

The god of mischief has had his ups and downs throughout the marvel movies but definitely came through before Thanos dispatched him. Female Loki may have had better luck; we will never know lol. What I do know is that this gender-bend Loki is absolutely amazing. The costumes modifications are extremely well done, and I’m not sure of the horns are made out of EVA FOAM but man are they clean.

Male Tracer

Cosplay By FutharkPreddy and Photo By FutharkPreddy

This character absolutely shook the video game scene and cosplay world back in 2016. I remember first seeing the trailer and thinking Jesus this game is going to be amazing. Fast-forward to the current and tracer has not lost any momentum and is still frequently seen at conventions throughout the world. But, I have never seen a male adapted version of the character before. The color scheme is not as bright and this image kind of gives me an old western vibe for some reason. Despite all of the modern technology in the image. Either way, this cosplay is great and should definitely be done more often. I certainly want to see more female to male character adaptations at conventions.

Freddy Krueger

Cosplay By Lily-on-the moon and photo by Nakanas Focus

As a child, this was one of the most terrifying films I had ever seen. A guy that kills you in your sleep. I have no idea how you fight against such an abomination and as you can see many in the films also had no idea on what to do. But to be honest I don’t think I would mind being killed by this version of Freddy Krueger  . Yea it’s still a bit creepy but definitely does not bother me as much as the original did. I really think it was the burnt skin appearance that troubled me the most, hmm I need to go back and watch these films to confirm.

Overwatch Gender Bends


Last but not least I decided to bundle the final three characters into general overwatch gender bends. Soldier 76, Mcree and Reaper are all popular characters in overwatch. The gender-bent versions look even better than the originals. I have seen several iterations of each of these characters but once again females versions are not as common. But after seeing these images I really wish it was. It would be hella awesome to do a shoot where each character was portrayed by the opposite sex. I need to get a group of people together and make this happen. If you’re interested definitely shoot me a message!

Cosplay by Kat Cosplay and Photo By Kcstudios68

I really hope you enjoyed this look at some awesome gender bend cosplay ideas and images. These cosplays are phenomenal and I love the modifications that the cosplayers made to each outfit. I’m sure portraying a character of the opposite sex is not easy so hats of to them and their creativity. Thank you so much for checking out my post and as always feel free to leave a comment below. That’s everything for today, stay tuned for more awesome cosplay posts. Until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!!

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