Geordea’s Graduation Party

Graduation is the summit of years of hard work. It’s the physical manifestation of countless sleepless nights. The days spent stressing over the difference between option “A” and “B” on a test are finally over. Years of dedication spent perfecting the final piece of a project are finally concluded. Although many comprehend the completion of this portion of life, they do not always have the honor of receiving an appropriate congratulatory party. Well, this is not one of those instances. As family and friends of the graduate, it’s our responsibility, no duty, to make sure she understands how important this accomplishment is. This celebration is certainly one of monumental status and appropriately deserves a suiting party.  This day will forever be marked in history as the day we honored your accomplished with a party people will be talking about for years to come.

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May 15,2016 was the day we celebrated Geordea Herrons elevation from student to graduate. This particular event was hosted at luxurious catalyst apartments complex in uptown Charlotte. Upon entering the floor dedicated to the event, sounds of laughter and cheering could be heard echoing throughout the hallways. Friends and family had gathered and the blissful memories of days past were flowing as though 2012 were only a few days ago.  “I remember when” and “do you recall the time that” proceeded nearly every sentence and always followed with tears of joy.

Outside of the joyful conversations, guests had access to a phenomenal assortment of food and drinks. Everything from omelets to cakes and salads were available for the taking. After selecting one of the amazing entrees available, guests had access to undoubtedly one of the best views in Charlotte. Sites stretching from the Bank of America baseball stadium to the Duke power building were visible. As a native Charlotte resident, I have seen all of these buildings but never from this angle. It was certainly pleasant to experience something new in Charlotte with the same people I had first explored it with.

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Most importantly, it was great to see the smile on Geordeas face. I know there have been some extremely difficult days when she did not believe she would persevere. But this accomplishment shows that nothing is out of reach. Everything she has dedicated herself towards has paid off. Sometimes, people simply need to know that you care for them and support them in all their endeavors. In turn, I also believe this tremendous accomplishment was accented by the fact that she knew so many people were supporting her. A strong system of support can go along way with helping one achieve their goals. This network certainly has shown its support over these last 4 years and will continue to support her for many days to come.

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This event marked the beginning of a new chapter in life. The days of flipping texts books to acquire knowledge has finally come to end. Although bitter sweet, all good things must end to make room for better events to take their place. As one chapter closes another certainly begins. I cannot wait to read the next amazing chapters you will write in this amazing book called life. Congratulations and continue to press forward, we will always be here to support you.





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