Halloween Costume Ideas

Photo By Alexander Bootsman

 It’s almost that time of the year again meaning its time to bust out our best Halloween Costumes and for all the noncosplayers to act like they’re one of us. For cosplayers, its just another day of cosplay that’s actually recognized by everyone else lol. Regardless of your feelings towards the holiday, I’m sure you can agree that we all want to look our best in our best costumes. Well, the competition has been growing every year so there’s no such thing as preparing too early.  

Photo By Jonathan Ooi

I mean nearly every Bar is having a costume contest and some of them are offering up some amazing prizes. This money or free alcohol belongs to us so we need to make sure we are doing everything in our power to claim it. That includes crafting, printing and painting. If you are lacking ideas for your next Halloween costume then fear not, thats where I come in. Lets go ahead and take a look at some awesome Halloween costume ideas.  CURRENTLY, EZCOSPLAY IS OFFERING DISCOUNTS ON ALL THERE HALLOWEEN COSTUMES SO DON’T MISS OUT! 

TIFA Lockhart 

Photo By Angelo Lanna

With Final Fantasy 7 getting a remake and overhaul it’s a great time to cash in on the Final Fantasy cosplay scene. This game was extremely popular meaning more people are much more likely to recognize you thus increasing your chances of winning a Halloween costume contest. It also helps that costume is rather sexy and we all know that helps shift a few eyes your way lol. Most importantly, this cosplay pays respect to one of the classics and we know how I love the classics. You cant go wrong with a Tifa Lockhart cosplay so pick one up immediately. 

Dr. Stone Senku Ishigami  

Photo By @hikary_photos

This series has been gaining some serious attention and is definitely one of the best of summer 2019. Also, the entire Dr. Stone cosplay will set you back $85. That’s really not bad considering some of the massive armor cosplays can be around $1000. I really like the hair of this character and that price includes his awesome WigEveryone also loves a hero and when you tell them your in a mission to return a hypothetical humanity from an eternal fate of petrification then they will be sure to cast a few votes your way. Well in theory of course. 

Fire Force (Tamaki Kotatsu) 

Photo By @ororganika

I absolutely love the way this cosplay looks. There something about the color scheme for this series that I love. Maybe it’s the sky or Carolina blue contrasted against the dark black. It just works for me. This series has and is growing ever popular meaning you have a high chance of being recognized by non-cosplayers. You can also snag the Helmet which will help others associate you with some form of firefighter. Even if they do not guess Fire Force, they will likely say firefighter which is still a win in my book. 

Bete Loga 

Photo By Warchess

Thanks to this series we now have an understanding of what it would be like to pick up girls in dungeons. I’m sure it was a question that was plaguing all of our minds. And with the introduction of season II, we have a continuation of the ever-popular question and debate. Maybe next they can make an “Is it wrong to pick up guys in a dungeon”? Hmmm, anyways, Bete Loga is a werewolf and we all know how cool they are. You also get to wear a tail with this cosplay so if all us fails you still have that going for you LOL. 

Daenerys Targaryen 

Photo By Fiathriel

With the recent conclusion of Game Of Thrones it’s only right that we revive others’ memories of it with some cosplay. There maybe a select few left that have not seen this series but most people will instantly recognize you as the Mother of DragonsDaenerys also has a large number of cosplays to choose from meaning you hopefully will not run into the same costume. To add some icing on the cosplay cake, she has a lot of accessory options to add some flare to the costume. Such as Dragon Eggs or Dragon NecklacesDefinetly a great choice for this Halloween. 


Photo By Obturia

If you haven’t seen Zoolander then I don’t know what you are doing with your life. This cosplay isn’t in the traditional anime or video game categories that I usually go for but nonetheless its an awesome costume. This costume also tailors to the slightly older generation which usually comprises the majority of the population at bars. A Mugatu cosplay will hit them right in memory lane meaning they will hopefully do a bit of nostalgia voting. Not sure if that’s a thing but I’m also not sure its not hmm.  


Photo By Alexander Bootsman

Another extremely iconic character, Tracer has become a video game legend in a very short time. Being the face of the overwatch franchise, tracer is both sexy and deadly. This costume does have some rather expensive props that go with it if you are not creating them yourself. But, I believe its because of all her accessories that she is likely to hopefully win you a prize at a costume contest. Her twin pistols will run a solid $138.99 and her classic cosplay can cost as much as $211.99. But what is a mere $350 in the face of applause and admiration?  


Photo By Rogutenok

Reaper is one of the hardest hitting and coolest looking characters in overwatch. Unlike Tracer he is not very playful and looks a lot more menacing. His appearance is also nowhere near as colorful. That’s assuming we are talking about his standard costume of course and not his Hellspawn reaper costume. The best part about this costume for me is the GUNSThey look so badass! They look extremely detailed and if you mix in some black smoke, you can spin in a circle and yell DIE DIE DIE!!! 

Captain Marvel 

Photo By Mizuriofficial

I have to admit I did not enjoy this movie but that has no bearing on the costume. This spandex Captain Marvel costume is an absolute masterpiece. I had the pleasure of photographing a few Captain Marvels at momocon and I have to admit I love these cosplays. This, in theory, means you can get some other admirers that enjoy the cosplay but don’t care for the movie and will cast some votes your way at the next costume contest. The costume is also skin tight. Who doesn’t appreciate skin-tight Halloween Costumes? 

Master Chief 

Photo By Hyperballistik

I saved the big guns for last. If you really want to hit the crowd with a WOW factor then you need to bust out the old school Master Chief cosplay. Halo was revolutionary for its time and I rarely meet individuals who do not know the series. They may not know the character’s name, but they say he is from that shooting game right lol. Meaning, they are at least familiar with it. I remember this character being big at cons a few years back. With working lights and retractable visors. But long are the days since Master Chief predominated at conventions. I would love to see his return.  

Photo By Jonathan Ooi
Photo By Jonathan Ooi

I hope you enjoyed my Halloween Cosplay Ideas list. The holiday is still a bit away so I will likely make another list that includes some other Halloween ideas to try out. If horror is more your thing, check out this Horror Ideas Post. Well, that’s everything for today. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!!

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