Heroes For Hire


The Partial Nerdity: Heroes For Hire party was an amazing event. I was amazed with many of the costumes that I saw and loved the atmosphere. Everyone was having a great time and the music/drinks were spot on, especially the drink named THE FLASH. It was by far my favorite drink of the night. But drinking aside, the costume contest had several amazing applicants but unfortunately only one could be crowned the winner.

Taking first place was a very a confident misty. Runner ups included a phenomenal Deathstroke, poison ivy and Logan. Congratulations to all of the contests and all of the work they put into their costumes.

I would like to thank Single Cell Productions for hosting the event and allowing me to photograph all of the participants. Im sure the next event will be just as great if not better. Hopefully I will see all of you again along with your new costumes. Until next time, Stay Boundless.

I have placed all of the images in the galleries below which contain roughly 25 images a piece. IF YOU SEE YOUR IMAGE AND WOULD LIKE A COPY OF IT PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME  (mcboundlessperception@gmail.com).

As mentioned earlier, I have some really good things coming up in the near future. Specifically…….. You will have to check back FRIDAY (6-16-2017) at 12:00pm EST for the exact details. YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED! 

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