Ichibancon 2018!!!

Clowns Are Scary

Spidey And Mary

Hows everyone doing? I hope you had a great weekend. Mines was full of studying with the occasional mixture of photo editing. I didn’t accomplish everything on my list but I achieved a reasonable amount so I guess that’s acceptable right? Better to have something rather than nothing, at least thats what they say! Well as many of you know I was at Ichibancon and needless to say I did what I do best, TAKE BOUNDLESS PHOTOS!!!

Ichibancon 2018There were so many phenomenal cosplayers this year it was hard to keep up. I also had the pleasure of running into lots of old friends that I didn’t even know would be at the con so that was a nice bonus. It was also great to see how far my photography has advanced since I last took their picture. Ichibancon also proved that I really need to watch more anime since I have to regrettably admit that I did not recognize quite a few characters.

Ichibancon 2018But that’s ok since everyone shared some info with me about not only their character but also their characters series. Well lets go ahead and jump to the best part of every post. THE BOUNDLESS IMAGES!!! I apologize in advance if I did not get your picture but I tried my best to get as many people as I could. Also, theres always future cons so make sure you stop by and getting your picture taken if you see me.

Ichibancon 2018 Ichibancon 201

Ichibancon 2018And now without further delay I present to you ICHIBANCON 2018. THIS IS THE FIRST SET OF IMAGES!!! I am still working on the second set which should hopefully be ready by next week. Make sure you send me a message if you would like your image. I have no trouble sending it to you and please comment at the bottom to let me know if you recognize anyone from the pics. I want to make sure everyone gets their images.

Spider Man Ichibancon 2018

Thanks again everyone for the awesome pictures. As I stated earlier this is only the FIRST PART of several to come relating to ICHIBANCON 2018. I will be announcing some of my favorite cosplays of the con along with my TOP 10 LIST. So make sure you stay tuned because despite the con ending, the fun has just begun. Also check out some other con images HERE, you never know, you could find your long lost pic.

Ichibancon 2018I will also be posting several of these pics in the ICHIBANCON FB page so check for them their and show some love for everyone that put their heart and soul into their costumes. Thanks again everyone and check out the rest of images in the galleries below. Until next time stay boundless.

PS: The galleries contain approximately 50 images a piece so make sure you comb through them all to find your pics.

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