Ichibancon Round 2

Mei Cosplay

Vaporeon CosplayHarley QuinnWhats going on everyone? Hopefully this mid week hump doesn’t have you slumped ☹. If so, I have the perfect remedy, that’s right, the next set of images from Ichibancon. Several of you have messaged me in anticipation of receiving your pictures and I have been working on them as fast as I can. But as many of you know school is definitely cramping my artistic abilities and budgeting my time is essential.

I am slowly getting into the groove of things and have begun to gradually find the balance I need to keep the images flowing. That balances unfortunately means less sleep for me. But nothing worth anything in life has ever come easy. Or something like that right? Probably just propaganda from rich people, hmmm. Anyways back to the task at hand. BOUNDLESS ICHIBANCON PICTURES!!!

Talim CosplayThis second set of images has some amazing cosplayers in it and contains more than double the amount of pictures from the first Ichibancon albums. Some of the craftsmanship and character choices were phenomenal. I can tell a lot of time and effort went it to your cosplays and I did my best to capture every detail.

I also had the privilege of bumping into one of the first cosplayers I ever took pictures of. The cosplay world is vast but at times seems extremely small.

Well I would like to say thank you to everyone for not only posing for pics, but also for being so patient. I hope you enjoy your pictures and do not hesitate to contact me if you would like a copy. I try as hard as I can to make sure everyone sees there pic so if you see a familiar face, send them my way and ill send them there picture also.

Mei Cosplay RWBY Cosplay Sombra













No need to take such
amazing pictures if you never get to see the finished product right? Just make sure to send me the picture number. You can find this by hovering your mouse over the image for 1 second.

Samurai X CosplayRufio CosplayO and before I forget, don’t leave without checking out the FIRST SET of images from Ichibancon along with one hell of an interview that I had with an awesome cosplayer. If your wondering who, feel free to click HERE. All of the images can be found in the galleries below. I put approximately 50 images in each gallery. Click the next arrow to switch between pages in the album. If you truly love your pic please leave me a comment below. Any feedback is greatly appreciated or recommendations for future shoots.

Well that’s it for this round of images, as always, STAY BOUNDLESS!!!


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