Interview With A Cosplayer

Interview With A cosplayer
Kingdom Hears Cosplay

Hows everyone doing? Well its Monday so that of course means the

beginning of another weak. I decided to kick it off with another

awesome interview with a cosplayer article. She is a really good

friend that I have had the pleasure of photographing several times.

I think we met back in maybe 2016 or 17 im not really sure, but we

have met up at several cons since.

Interview With A Cosplayer
Sailor Moon Cosplay

Each time is a great pleasure im

glad I finally got her to sit down for a Cosplay interview. Of course,

im talking about the amazing @TrinityRoze cosplay.  I asked her,

her thoughts on the POC cosplay community and several other

questions to get a better feel of the cosplay world. Lets see what

@TrinityRoze had to say!

What got You into cosplay?

Interview With A cosplayer
DVA Cosplay

Honestly, I really just wanted to be Sailor Moon. When I found out

that you could really just buy or commission cosplay online, I went

for that because I literally could not sew or craft.

Why do you cosplay?

Interview With A cosplayer

When I first started cosplaying I didn’t really have a reason behind it. I just

knew that I really wanted to be someone else. Now I do have a purpose

behind the reason for cosplay. I do it to represent diversity. Especially in the

black community. For some reason people think black girls can’t be nerds.

What Is your profession?

Interview With A cosplayer
DVA cosplay

I currently work full-time as a manager at a pet store. I have a

bachelor’s degree in graphic design but I do not work in the field.

I’m currently enrolled in online classes for pharmaceuticals

How Do you afford cosplaying and how much do you spend on cosplaying?

Interview With A cosplayer

Sometimes it really just depends on what character I’m trying to

portray. For example, my Mercy cosplay from OverWatch probably

cost me a little around $400 total. I had massive wings

commissioned for that cosplay.

Whats the best advice you can give to a brand new cosplayer?

Interview With A cosplayer
DVA cosplay

Just to be yourself and don’t be afraid of what others think. People

are always going to say something and we can’t satisfy everyone. At

the end of the day don’t cosplay for other people, cosplay for

yourself. Join communities and groups on social media.

What are the best material to use when starting to cosplay?

Interview With A cosplayer
DVA cosplay

For me it’s Google and social media LOL. I can’t really sew and I

don’t know how to craft props or armor. I mostly find references

online and go from there.

What do you think could improve the black cosplay community?

Interview With A cosplayer
DVA cosplay

I find it ironic that the black community within the cosplay

community was created solely because the black folks are often not

accepted Within the nerd community. Yet when you look deep

within the black community in some way shape or form there are

still the same problems. Light-skinned cosplayers get more

attention and praise whereas dark skinned cosplayers are often

shunned and gone unnoticed. You commonly find issues with

sexism even within the black community.

Interview With A cosplayer
Kingdom Hearts Cosplay

Black males are often condemning black female nerds and it really

doesn’t make any sense. The black anime community made their

own community for acceptance and yet we still somehow manage

to tear ourselves apart Within our own space. Honestly, I’m not

sure what can improve the black cosplay community. Maybe if we

weren’t so busy fighting racism against the black cosplay

community we could take that time and energy and focus on


Is it Hard to cosplay as a POC cosplayer?

Interview With A cosplayer
Ruby Red

It can be hard yes. There are people that just always have nasty

things to say. We’re always not enough and someone’s eyes.

What would you like to see changed in the POC community?

Interview With A cosplayer
Ruby Red

I wouldn’t necessarily say the POC community needs to change. I

would say that racist people in the cosplay community needs to

change. They are the ones that are often attacking people that are

often representing the POC community.

Do you think its hard for POC people to find cosplays that tailor to them and there body types?

Interview With A cosplayer
Ruby Red

This is a very good question. Yes I do find it hard to find cosplay

that fit me appropriately. As someone that does not sew or make

my own costumes, it can be very difficult to find an appropriate fit.

That’s also why most of my cosplays are spandex style costumes. I

have a curvy figure and these costumes tend to fit me best.

What is one thing you would change about the POC community?

Interview With A cosplay
Sailor Mars

 Racism and sexism

Have you found any really good site to buy cosplay related items?

Interview With A cosplay
Sailor Moon

Yes. I use Heroestime for my Spandex suits. You can get a lot of

custom made suits from them

What is your favorite con and why?

Interview With A cosplay
Sailor Moon

Probably Acen (Chicago) and Momocon. I enjoyed my roommates

from Acen and Momocon is around my birthday so it’s like I’m


What is your least favorite con and why?

Interview With A cosplay
Sailor Moon

 I’ll probably get some heat for this but for some reason I don’t

enjoy DragonCon as much as everyone else does. I’m often never

prepared for it because it’s usually right before another convention

that I go to. The couple of times I have been I didn’t actually expect

to go. Both times I had fun but I can’t quite put my finger on why I

don’t enjoy it as much as I enjoy the others… I think I would like it

more if I could meet certain cosplayers that I’ve always wanted to

meet but never actually get a chance to.

What is an embarrassing cosplay moment you have had?

Interview With A cosplay
Sailor Moon

I can’t really think of one that was Major. But I do recall one of my

cosplays having a damaged a zipper. Because it was during the

convention I was unable to get it repaired so I went to a photoshoot

and told my photographer not to shoot me from the angle where

the damaged Zipper was and my skin was showing lol.

Is it more important to be accurate with your cosplay or put your own flair/spin on the cosplay?

Interview With A cosplay
Silk Cosplay

Both. You should be as accurate as you want to be. Not everything

has to be perfect. Putting your spin on things makes it even more

interesting and unique.

Which cosplayers do you look up to?

Interview With A cosplay
Silk Cosplay

 Krissy Victory, Izzy Saeko, Akakioga, Bibi Cosplay, Stardust Megu,

Chibi Magical Girl and King Kitsu

Do you have a cosplay crush? If so who and why?

Interview With A cosplay
Swort Art Online

God I LOVE Izzy Saeko. Her confidence is what attracts me. She’s

also very beautiful.

What are youre overall cosplay goals?

Interview With A cosplay
DVA Cosplay

To make a change. I stand for anyone that thinks that they can’t

cosplay because they are too tall, too short, too fat, too skinny, too

light, too dark, too different. Anyone can cosplay. And I just want to

be here to remind people of that.

What is your dream cosplay if money and time didn’t matter?

Interview With A cosplay
Ruby Red

I’m not sure if I can pull it off but I plan on doing a Halloween

Witch Mercy cosplay. I would also like to get another set of wings

commissioned for it.

Interview With A cosplay
Sailor Moon

I hope you enjoyed this interview and several other interviews can

be found here! I would like to thank @Trinityroze cosplay again

for this interview and her incite into the cosplay world. Im always

looking to meet new cosplayers and get them on the blog for

interviews. If this sounds like something you would be interested in

feel free to contact me at I

would love to hear your perspective on the cosplay community and

any improvements that can be made. Well that’s it for today post,

until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!!

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