Interview With A Cosplayer (Ashhuhlee)

Interview With A Cosplayer


Interview With A Cosplayer

Well, it’s another lovely Friday and I am here with another

interview with a cosplayer post/episode. For today’s episode, we

have an awesome cosplayer lined up for you. She goes by the

name of @Ashhuhlee and has made some awesome cosplays. We

were supposed to meet up at momocon but unfortunately, that did

not happen. There always next year and other cons though so no

worries. In this episode, we discussed a bit about momocon and

cosplay in the POC community. Definitely give it a listen.

Interview With A Cosplayer

In the meantime, I want to touch a bit on the characters from her

cosplay roster along with her cosplay style. I chose to interview

Ashhuhlee not only because she came highly recommended by a

friend, but she has a flair for the old school and definitely

represents the new school very well. Her cosplays create a perfect

blend of past and present and its something that I absolutely love. I

haven’t had the pleasure of doing a photoshoot personally with her

but as I said, it will happen in the future.

Interview With A Cosplayer

Along with the podcast, I wanted to give everyone a bit of

background and information on some of her cosplays. She has

cosplayed as many characters but I wanted to touch on 4 that

grabbed my attention. They are, Ashley Spinelli from recess,

Allura from Voltron, Shoto Todoroki from my hero academy and

Max from a goofy movie. 4 of these characters are from my

childhood so you know I had to touch on them.

Ashley Spinelli

Interview With A Cosplayer

 First up we from her cosplay history we have Spinelli. This

character is a staple from my childhood and was seen in the series

Recess. Ashley Spinelli was a tomboy like character voiced by

Pamela Adlon. Some of her main enemies throughout the series

were the Ashleys. They were a group of girls named Ashley that

wanted everyone with the name to be in their group. Spinelli

refused their invite and this obviously caused problems. There’s so

much more to this show and you need to go back and check it out.

I wasn’t able to find an exact copy of her cosplay but here’s a few

items to help you out (hat, socks, Dress).


Interview With A Cosplayer

Next up we have another series that’s a throwback but has been

revamped. I remember watching Voltron at my uncles house as a

child and was absolutely in love with it then and still am now.

Allura unbeknownst, to many was actually the original pilot of the

blue lion. She can be described as one of the leaders of the

resistance and would do anything to bring peace to the universe.

Im so glad they redid the series and hope they bring back more of

the classics.

Shoto Todoroki

Interview With A Cosplayer

Scoring a few points for the new school we have Shoto Todoroki.

Nearly everyone everywhere that watches anime knows this

character and has seen just how much of a badass he is. Controlling

an amazing quirk which has power over both fire and ice, Shoto is

an absolute genius and difficult opponent to deal with. Aside from

his father issues (Endeavor), he embodies everything a hero

should be and will likely end up challenging midoriya is some

episode for the title of greatest. Well at least that what I want to see.


Interview With A Cosplayer

I must have watched this movie well over 10 times and can damn

near quote it word for word. I like to call this the golden age of

Disney. Even if you haven’t seen this movie, it’s highly likely that

you know the powerline scene. I consider it one of the greatest

Disney movie scenes of all time and rank it up there with “let it go”

for the title of best songs. I’m sure some of you may disagree but we

can agree to disagree. As long as you know in the end im right lol.

Interview With A Cosplayer

I hope you enjoyed my interview with @Ashhuhlee. She is a

phenomenal cosplayer and I hope she continues to mix the past

and present. If you enjoyed this post or would also like to be

interviewed for the show, feel free to drop a message below or

email me at Well, that’s going

to do it for today. Until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!!

For More Awesome cosplay material Click Here!!!

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