Interview With A Cosplayer DeeseaBrook



Interview With DeeseaBrook

How is everyone Doing? I got the pleasure of continuing my

interview with a cosplayer series and was able to interview the

awesome Deeseabrook. But, that’s not the only new news, we

have added an entirely new element to the site. That’s right, we are

podcasting now. We will still continue our written series but are

now using both methods to interview cosplayers.

She is not only an awesome cosplayer but a very talented makeup artist. I

met her at Momocon and we definitely clicked. So much so, that I had to get

her on the site for an interview. We discussed several issues ranging from

the cosplay community to the current state of conventions. Make sure you

give this podcast a listen, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

This is the first episode of a Podcast that I plan to continue for a very

long time. I have interviewed several cosplayers all over the united

states and have several more lined up. I plan to release about two a

week and so far we have had some awesome people that are great are

creating armor and other products in the cosplay world. Currently, the

episodes are about an hour long, but I plan to shorten them to 30

minutes to see which episodes do better.

I would love to hear what you guys have to say about not only the

podcast, but what cosplayers and figures you would like to see on

the show. Also, if you are interested in being on the show, feel free

to send me a message along with the issues you would like to talk

about. I’m really looking for someone to discuss prop building,

along with 3d printing and L.E.D light installation. I also would like

someone to discuss the main differences between all the different

types of cosplay materials to work with.

Specifically, worbla, Eva foam, and craft foam. Also, I have seen

some much larger builds that involve stilts, wood and PVC piping. I

have no idea how these are used in cosplay design and creation

but im sure some of you know and I would love for you to share

your experience. But anyways, back to Deeseabrooks. As I said, I

met her at momcon and she was rocking an awesome Yumeko

Jabami cosplay.


This character is the main protagonist of the series Kakegurui. This

roughly translates to compulsive Gambler in English. The series

focuses on students that are required to constantly gamble in

order to prove themselves and obtain higher statuses at the school.

The winners live like kings and the losers are unfortunately put

through the wringer. Yumeko Jabamis role in this series is to show

the students what a true high roller really looks like.

I hope you enjoyed this brief look at the series Kakegurui and will

actually listen to the podcast and continue to listen in the future. I

will be releasing more podcasts in the future so make sure check

back regularly. Well that it for this post, until next time, stay


Ps: Here Are the Pics from Momocon

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