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Haseo Cosplay

Do you know what today is? Wednesday and that means its time for another interview with a cosplayer episode. If you haven’t heard or missed the previous episode featuring @Yarngoddesscosplay feel free to click HERE! As for today’s episode, we have a Boundless Cosplayer based out of Atlanta. He has cosplayed characters ranging from Yami to Haseo. My personal favorite is his Trafalgar Law cosplay. I have had the pleasure of shooting with him at several conventions and looking forward to linking up with him again at 2020 conventions. So please help me in welcoming @Darkhyperion! 

He has been cosplaying for 3 years though it should be a bit more since he was kinda cosplaying while focusing on his career for a year. His first convention was ANIMEUSA in DC and has been hooked ever since. His friend Legendaryme3 accompanies him to many cons and they actually did a shoot with me back at AWASince we are around the same age, it was only natural that we reminisced about growing up in the 90’s and how anime was not what it is today. Conventions allowed @Darkhyperion, like many of us, to be ourselves around like-minded people.  

The next convention was in the complete opposite direction and my second favorite convention. It was number one until I went to Katsucon this year. Let me tell you Katsucon is an entirely different cosplay world and I have tons of footage from it that I will be releasing over the next few days and months. Anyways, on to the current and previous cosplays. As stated earlier, he cosplays as Haseo from Dot Hack Sign. This anime came out a very long time ago and was arguably the predecessor for Sword Art Online. In his original roster was Batman BeyondUnfortunately, this costume has been stolen so if you see someone with a Batman Beyond cosplay feel free to ask them where they got it from lol. But it doesn’t matter cause he didn’t plan to wear the character again. 

Next up we discuss some of the various experiences he’s had at conventions. As a general rule of thumb, we basically both agreed that you can have all the fun you want at conventions, just don’t be weird. Specifically, individuals that hover or linger around other cosplayers and make creepy and perverse comments. If you have never been to a convention or if you are a veteran, please do not do this. He tells another rather amusing story about getting hugged. Though ill leave this one for listener ears only.  

Another really interesting event that happens at conventions is individuals drilling you about your characters. This happened with his Black Lightning cosplay. If you know the characters back story that’s great but you can’t expect everyone to know the character’s entire history. Maybe you can use this moment as a chance to inform another about their character but do not try to belittle someone for not knowing. But that’s just my personal opinion. I also thoroughly enjoyed our conversation about black cosplayers and both agreed that black cosplayers usually lift one another up. Once again, I’m gonna leave this for the audio version and not the synopsis.  

Finally, as one last snippet, we discussed building vs buying and EVA FOAM vs 3D PrintingI have really been debating which type of crafting I would like to invest in and haven’t reached a true decision yet. On one hand you have 3D printing which allows you to essentially work while you sleep. But the learning curve is extremely steep. For Eva Foam, this may be a better option if you enjoy crafting and are capable of expending tons of time to carving shaping and gluing. Tell me what you guys think I the comment section below. Id love to hear your insight. 

This was a really great interview and we touched on several other topics. Make sure you give it a listen as there’s tons of great information to be heard. I would like to thank @Darkyheprion again for taking the time to speak with us. Stay tuned for another episode next week and new updates on my PODCASTAlso, if you’re interested in booking a shoot for any 2021 cons check out my current con line up HERE and go ahead and schedule yourself a shoot. I am also offering videos now so ask about that option. That’s going to be everything for today, until next time stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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