Interview With A Cosplayer Featuring Brown.Suga.Outlaw

Imani Paladin Cosplay
Imani Paladin Cosplay
Imani Paladin Cosplay By Brown.Suga.Outlaw

Its been almost 8 months since we began the Boundless Perception Podcast. In this time, we have had tons of great cosplayers on the show. They have each shared numerous cosplay experiences and priceless tips relating to cosplay. Well, it’s 2020 meaning its time for season 2 of the show. That’s right, we are coming back stronger than ever and I have tons of amazing cosplayers lined up to speak with us. I will also be interviewing some of them on my cosplay YOUTUBE channel so feel free to check it out. In the meantime, today we have the first podcast of 2020 and bringing in the new year is @Brown.Suga Outlaw

Elena Cosplay By Brown.Suga.Outlaw
Elena Cosplay By Brown.Suga.Outlaw

She is a very distinguished and accomplished cosplayer having placed 2nd in the masters class cosplay contest and 4th in the hires contest at Dreamhack. Some of her cosplays include Imani from Paladins, Tiana from Disney’s princess and the frog and Helles from Dragon Ball Super. As always, I will not give away the entire interview in this synopsis so make sure you give it a listen. You will not be disappointed.  

Tiana  Cosplay By Brown.Suga.Outlaw
Tiana Cosplay By Brown.Suga.Outlaw

To start off we asked @Brown.Suga.Outlaw where she’s from. Well come to find out, like many others, she’s from Atlanta Georgia. There are so many amazing cosplayers from Atlanta so its no surprise that we have another one on the show. Her first bit of advice for anybody looking to grow in any facet of your life is to be consistent. If you combine this with working hard then you are sure to achieve your dreams and goals.  She started cosplaying back in high school and her first cosplay was Kiki from Kikis delivery service. 

Dora Milaje Cosplay By Brown.Suga.Outlaw
Dora Milaje Cosplay By Brown.Suga.Outlaw

Her first con is actually one of my favorite and surprisingly the very first convention I ever went to. That’s right I’m talking about Anime Weekend Atlanta. She went with her friend who cosplayed as Chihiro. She then began to cosplay with her current group usualrangers5They exhibited their power rangers costumes during the Dragoncon parade and it was during this time that they realized the importance of making breathable cosplay costumes. 

Calypso Cosplay
Calypso Cosplay By Brown.Suga.Outlaw

Before moving into her own cosplay outfits, she shared with us some very helpful resources to help with your cosplay creation journey. Replica prop forums and cosplay help and advice are two very useful Facebook groups for any new cosplayers. You can ask questions and search for previous questions that will hopefully help you with Eva foam worbla or any other medium of cosplay. After asking for advice on these forums @Brown.Suga.Outlaw decided to create 28 cosplays for 28 days of Black cosplay. 

Lana Kane
Lana Kane Cosplay By Brown.Suga.Outlaw

Throughout this process, she learned so much and this accumulation of knowledge eventually helped create her award-winning Imani. Surprisingly, one of the most important lessons she learned was time management. Many think its crafting skills or which tools work best for which job that takes precedence. Apparently one of the most important cosplays lessons is simply setting a schedule and sticking to it. Now onto Imani. 

Helles Cosplay
Helles Cosplay By Brown.Suga.Outlaw

She decided to cosplay as Imani because the group black girl gamers first posted this character and she instantly fell in love with the character. The characters skills and abilities definitely attracted her and ever since viewing the characters trailer, she was hooked. She saw the cosplay in February 2019 and wanted it done by November 2019.  But she did not start hardcore working on the character until September. One aspect that took a while to perfect were the gloves. She did tons of research and created 8 different prototypes to try and get them just right. She had to learn how to get the lights just right and lets not even talk about the hair.  

Helles Cosplay By Brown.Suga.Outlaw

There is so much to hear in this podcast so please, please, please give it a listen. We discuss Dreamhack and cosplay makeup later in this interview so if your curious about these topics give it a listen. I would like to thank @Brown.Suga.Outlaw again so much for taking the time to speak with us. It was great to finally have you on the show and I look forward to getting an interview in person at KatsuconFor more awesome cosplay interviews feel free to click HERE! Well, that’s everything for today, until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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