Interview with a Cosplayer Featuring @Crimsonkittenn

Welcome back everyone to the boundlessperception podcast. We have had a great year since the launch of the podcast. Several cosplayers have volunteered their time and provided us with some great information to help our cosplay goals. I would like to thank all of them again for taking the time to speak with us. Today we have the last episode of 2019. To help us send it off, we have the amazing @crimsonkittennShe has created some amazing cosplays with Powerline being my personal favorite because of course, it’s a classic. Some of her other cosplays you should definitely check out are Android 21 and her Todoroki.  Let’s dive in and see what @crimsonkittenn had to say! 

She cosplays out of Nashville TN. I must admit I am not super familiar with TN in terms of cons but one of the largest conventions that hits this city is MTACThis convention was established in 1999. Some of their guests for this year include Cherami Leigh and Bryce Papenbrook. These voice actors have starred in series including Attack on Titan and Fairy Tail. Also, Nashville Comicon should be popping up this year so if new conventions are your thing, definitely check them out. 

@Crimsonkittenn has been cosplaying for 5 years and states it took her a while to build up the courage to really engage in the hobby. The black cosplay scene was definitely not as grandiose as it is today. But after noticing the tag #cosplayingwhileblack she discovered tons of black cosplayers and this gave her the confidence to move forward with her cosplay ambitions. 28 days of black cosplay is certainly one of the best times of the year to discover new black cosplayers and get tons of inspiration as to which character you want to do next. 

Out of all the cosplays she’s done, her favorite has been Juri from Yu YuHakushoI’m sure tons of you are far too young to remember this character but one of her most prominent scenes was in the Dark Tournament Saga. She was the commentator/announcer for the event. Similar to Powerline, this is a throwback cosplay so you know I absolutely love it. Surprisingly, @crimsonkittenn states she does not have much in common with this character. Juri is an overexcited crybaby that freaks out all the time and this is not similar to @crimsonkittenns character in any way.  She simply appreciates the characters and just enjoys cosplaying characters she enjoys. 

A very interesting topic we discussed was being married and cosplaying. I asked how her marriage affects her cosplay goals. @Crimsonkittenns states that basically she asks her husband’s opinion on her cosplays and he states they look good or are awful. She also has a daughter that she plans to get into cosplay. As I always say, a family that cosplays together stays together. Her cosplay plans were to make a rockruff outfit for her daughter but unfortunately, that did not happen. 

As for buying or creating cosplays, she actually does a large combination of both. With regards to her amazing PowerLine cosplay. She made this cosplay from scratch. The outfit took one week to make followed by another for the keyblade. You may have noticed this version of Powerline is a bit different. That’s because it’s based on the fan version of the character. Side note she lost a piece of this costume at AWA. So if you have it or saw it feel free to hit her up. 

This was one of the most relaxing interviews I have ever done and it felt more like a conversation between friends than an actual interview. There is a lot more to this interview than transcribed so make sure you give it a listen. I would like to thank @crimsonkitten for taking the time to share with us her cosplay journey and plans as I’m sure we are all looking forward to what she will create in 2020. This is only a tiny portion of the interview and to get the entire story definitely give it a listen. I’m sure you will not be disappointed. For more awesome cosplay news and interviews feel free to click HERE! Thanks, everyone for making 2019 so awesome and look out for some awesome material coming in 2020. Until next time stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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