Interview With A Cosplayer Featuring @foxxpromenade

Welcome back everyone to the boundless perception podcast. I know it’s been a while but we are back in full swing. Today we have an upcoming awesome cosplayer who goes by the name of @foxxpromenadeI actually met her at Katsucon while she was cosplaying as Luna from sailor moon. You can see her video on my YouTube or on my Instagram. But anyways back to the interview.  

So I asked what have you been doing ever since we entered quarantine? @Foxxpromenade states that honestly my motivation has been rather sapped since all of the conventions were canceled but I have been working on a few small projects. Such as an Oni Mask. I’m actually just working on this mask for fun right now. I need to keep my hands busy before I forget how to make stuff. Unfortunately, Blerdcon is not happening right now but had it still been held @Foxxpromenade had planned to bring SangoLeelooCoraline, Jubilee and Lydia Deetz from beetle juice.  

She has many cosplays that are all equally awesome but I really wanted to discuss her Sango cosplay. I was extremely curious about how she created her massive boomerang. Shockingly enough, she states that she actually used insulation foam.  @Foxxpromenade spent tons of time looking at videos of boomerangs followed by carving the foam down and priming it. She then used wood glue to attach everything together. This entire project took her around two days. @Foxxpromenade states that throughout the cosplay creation process you either have time, money, or quality and you get to pick two of these. Sometimes you can find one thing that makes the project easier or faster to complete. Or, you can find something that is cost-effective but takes a lot more time.  

Before speaking with @Foxxpromenade, I had never really even thought about using Insulation Foam to create items but I will certainly be looking at it the future. Most of the other items on her Sango costume were made from 5mm eva foam and all of it came together to create a rather awesome cosplay. Next up we discussed her Luna cosplay. This is the cosplay I captured at Katsucon. Unfortunately, she does not have any images of this cosplay on her Instagram at the moment but check out the video HERE to see it in action. She takes a lot of pride in this outfit as the seams, wig and props all came together very nicely. 

For anyone that did not or has not been to Katsucon definitely do all you can to make it next year if they host it. We discussed some of the big names that came out for this convention and all of the phenomenal cosplayers that made their way there. We also talked a bit about the perils of spending too much money in the dealer’s room. I’m sure nearly everyone can relate this feeling and the sad face that their bank accounts shows after a convention. But either way, we both agree that bringing money instead of relying on a credit or debit card is a much better method for money management. 

We discuss so many other things on this podcast and it really felt like more of a general conversation than an interview. I would like to thank @Foxxpromenade so much again for taking the time to speak with me. There are so many other amazing aspects to this interview that this short synopsis could not nearly capture them all. Make sure you give the interview a listen along with the previous cosplayers interviews to join in on the fun. If you enjoyed this episode, feel free to let me know in the comments section and if you would like to be on the show go ahead and direct message me. I would love to have you on. Thanks for listening and until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!!  

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