Interview With A Cosplayer Featuring @My_Neverending_Dreamz


Welcome back to another awesome episode of Interview with a cosplayer. On this episode, we have a very familiar cosplayer who has done interviews with us before. To see the previous interview post check HERE. He goes by the name of My_Neverending_Dreamz and has some phenomenal cosplays ranging from Lucio from overwatch and Sephiroth from Kingdom hearts 2. His crafting skills are absolutely phenomenal and he has won several awards from various conventions. Definitely, head over to his IG to check out his work. I promise you will not be disappointed.

But anyways back to the interview. He begins by telling us the secret behind how he got they eyeball in his nightmare cosplay to move. This cosplay is absolutely badass and the fact that the sword is functional makes it all that more amazing. I’ll save the details of this for the actual podcast but if your curious definitely give it a listen.

Photo By Missionfortysix

Most of his work is created from the old fashion trial and error method which means you can get all of this experience without actually going through the experience yourself. Most of his cosplays are created from EVA Foam and though he has used worbla and other materials, he still prefers EVA Foam. His Lucio and Knightmare skins are created from EVA Foam and shows you the level of detail that can be created with this material when you know what you are doing.

Photo By: Ian TheFifth

My_Neverending_Dreamz also touches on how to become sponsored and getting others to notice your work. This, of course, is a goal that I’m sure many of us have and he states this can be done by being original and creating your own style. Of course, you are going to have people that dislike your work and are going to put you down but you have to push through. A specific example of this is his Hades cosplay. Groups of individuals booed him when he got on stage but despite their efforts, he still won the grand prize.

To overcome a lot of the criticism and racism, My_Neverending_Dreamz simply converted all of the negative comments into fuel to drive him towards projects that are larger and more elaborate than the last. By showing others he can create cosplays that improve with each new creation he has set a precedent that represents his style and creativity. Unfortunately, the last time I got to photograph him was at ichiboncon but I’m sure I will get him this year at AWA when he unveils another amazing cosplay.

Last but not least we also talked a  bit about cosplay photography and the importance of selecting a good one for representing your work. I know I have touched on this topic several times before but I wanted to get another perspective. Long story short, growing your brand and cosplay name greatly relates to the quality of the photo. The better the picture, the greater the chance of others actually liking it and beginning to associate you with this character. I really don’t want to give it all away so check out the podcast to hear the entire conversation.

I would like to thank My_Neverending_Dreamz again for taking the time to speak with me and doing another interview. Once again check out his work to get some awesome images and ideas for your next costume. To see more episodes click HERE. Until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!!

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