Interview with a cosplayer Featuring Sailorgang5

Welcome back everyone to another awesome episode of the boundless perception podcast. This time we have a group of great cosplayers for you today who go by the name of @Sailorgang5. They are cosplayers based out of the Islands and have been cosplaying for a few years. I met them while they were doing an amazing Sailor Moon cosplay at momocon. But they also cosplay as the muses from Hercules. We discuss some other cosplays that they plan to do once coronavirus is over so definitely give the episode a listen. But for now, let’s see a small preview of some of the things we discussed.  

I began by asking them how they met? 5 people constantly attending conventions requires a lot of dedication and coordination. Shockingly, the group actually went to high school together and I figured they all shared a passion for cosplay. But this was not the case. They all low key had a passion for dressing up and one of the members decided that she wanted to be Sailor Moon for Halloween. So, for Halloween 2015 they debuted there Sailor Moon cosplays. 

Since the group lives outside of the U.S., and with all of the issues involving race currently taking place in America, I had to ask If they had ever faced any type of prejudice or slander towards there cosplays. I was very surprised to hear that they had not. Most of there convention experiences were extremely positive with fans asking if they could actually sing while they were dressed as the muses.  

Their cosplays even went as far as to impress the studio behind the animation of sailor moon. Toei animation retweeted their image just to show how much they appreciated their cosplays. Several individuals noticed the details they put into their outfits and were sure to compliment them on their creative skills. Like several other cosplayers, they plan out their cosplays to make sure that their best designs are seen on the days when the most people will be attending the conventions. 

Being a photographer and cosplayer from the United States I was very curious as to what the convention life in the Caribbean was like. Unfortunately, @Sailorgang5 stated that there’s not really much of a convention seen but they are hoping to get it started once corona dies down. Next, since Sailor Moon Is a rather dated anime I had to ask if they were watching any new series. Each member of the group is watching something different but overall they all plan to watch Demon Hunter, and My Hero Acadamia

This episode is one of the longest I have ever recorded and that’s because speaking with this group was so amazing. I really enjoyed interviewing them and cant wait to link up at another convention. Please make sure you give the episode a listen as you will not be disappointed. I would like to thank @Sailorgang5 again for taking the time to speak with me. Please head over to their page and show them a bit of love and support. As always, make sure you check out my BLOG for more awesome cosplay news and don’t miss new videos posted on my YouTube. Until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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