Interview With A Cosplayer “King Keke Cosplay”

Hows everyone doing, I hope the answer was

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interviews clicker “HERE” .We

interviewed the amazing King Keke Cosplay and

asked her to chime in on some topics in the

cosplay community, lets see what she had to say.

1. What got you into cosplay?

Im not really sure, My first cosplay was Lana Kane from archer and

I got the tickets as a gift for my BF. And I just started googling

conventions and since I had been watching archer it kind of just

came together. People started taking pictures because they knew

exactly who I was and this was kinda cool. They were yelling

LANA!!! Because they wanted me to yell back WHAT!!! 

2. What is your profession?

Im a nurse.  

3. Do you think you can balance cosplay and a career or do you have to pick and choose?   

I think you can do both just depending on how you cosplay. If I

were to get more serious about cosplaying and making money

from it I would have to downplay the nursing a bit to focus more

on cosplay. 

3. Do you prefer to work alone or with others? 

I haven’t had the opportunity to work with others, One of my best

friends cosplays with me but shes not that serious and I just enjoy

dressing up my friends. But I would love the opportunity to do a

group and network with others.

4. Whats the most difficult aspect of cosplay to you? 

Always having to worry if your cosplay Is going to offend someone

or come out in the wrong light. Someone will see your cosplay and

think that’s not accurate or your not doing it well. Well im not

trying to always go for accurate im just doing it for fun. For

example, someone said the hair for my Supergirl was not correct

or appropriate for the costume, but I wasn’t trying to look like the

stereotypical version of Supergirl. I was trying to add a bit of

Afrocentric flare to the costume.   

5. Do you cosplay alone? 

Yes just myself, I have the cosplanner app. I use it to give me ideas

on what to do next. Sometimes I buy materials to

enhance cosplays I have already bought. I add things to enhance


6. How much do you spend on cosplay material? 

I mostly get cosplays already completed, but if I need to add

anything I actually get a lot of things from the dollar store.

Sometimes I get material from Walmart. For example, on my

mystique cosplay I made the cosplay from scratch. I bought the

skulls from the dollar store and just

painted them. So the mystique cosplay only cost maybe


7. As a black cosplayer do you feel its more difficult to cosplay than if you were another race. 

I think if I was another race I would not have to worry as much.

For example if I put on a blond wig I wonder if I would look

ridiculous. I feel with other races, that’s not as large of a concern.

Always having to second guess if its going to be looked at as

accurate or your pretending to be someone else. Despite the fact

that, that’s exactly what cosplay is, pretending to be someone

else. Its definitely and odd feeling 

Would you say you have received a lot of opposition? 

No not at all, but likely because my platform isnt as large. I know a

lot do though for stuff I think is great. Such

as Kay Bears mabel from Transylvania. The outfit looked great her

makeup was amazing but of course people say there is no

black mabel. So I wonder if shes doing it that well and I plan to

never get to that level, I worry about the day someone will say such

things about my cosplay. 

8.What do you think about the black cosplay community? 

From the groups, I can see we are on both sides of the spectrum.

We can either build each other up or tare each other down. If a

cosplayer is doing something that is not considered Afrocentric or

they are not with a black crew they are viewed as selling out. Or if

you are dating outside of their preferred race, such as dating a non

black person, everything you have done is considered non

relevant because you are not dating a black person.

Other than that I like how they promote each other. Such as if

someone makes a derogatory comment to a POC cosplayer the

community will support them. Such as if someone says the N word

to a black cosplayer, the community retaliates and then promotes

that cosplayer. 

9. What do you think could grow the black cosplay community? 

Blerdcon is exclusively for black cosplayers and just

started a few years ago. Others such as nerdtino give platforms for

minority cosplayers to build on that do not specifically tailor to the

non-minority cosplay community. 

10. Do you feel you have a lot of option as a black cosplayer? 

I believe I can cosplay anyone I want but I have to do my own twist

on it if their styles won’t work for me. So, I have to modify some

things to make them look right for my body.  Im waiting for a black

my hero academy character. Im not going to let my race or the

characters race hold me back from cosplaying as that character I

want to cosplay as.

11. Do you think a cosplayer could date a noncosplayer?

Definitely, and it may be preferred. Because they have their own

interest and you have yours and it would be fun to cosplay with

your significant other but some tensions could arise from

constantly being around one another. Or one cosplayer being

invited to things and not the other.  Its ok to have shared interest

but it could get a bit stale if you are always doing the same thing.   

12.What are the quarrels or difficulties of dating a cosplayer? 

I guess if one is a cosplayer and the other isnt, the attention that he

or she may get from other cosplayers could cause problems. They

may feel that someone is admiring your body a bit too much in

front of me and that could affect the other persons self-esteem.

Such as someone taking a picture of your gf/bf and they are

pushing you out, you may feel some type of way about this and it

could be a bit off putting. 

13. If a guy at a convention wants to approach a cosplayer what should he do or how should he act? 

Well first see if shes receptive. Because girls know and will give off

vibes to let you know shes interested such as direct eye contact and

flicking her hair. But if there already standoffish or they have a

significant other, these should be intuitive and will let you know if

you should approach or not. But if you still want to shoot your

shot, try to start a convo about her cosplay and maybe work it into

would you like to discuss this over coffee or dinner.  

14. What about if a female wants to approach a male?

I think the same rules apply but it could be simpler or more

challenging. I would think you comment on their appearance and

simply ask them out, I think?  Maybe you can approach them to

talk and then mix in some obvious flirting.   

15. Do you think that females that are a bit more revealing with their cosplays are inviting unwanted attention? 

I believe that if a woman is dressed lewdly and a guy feels that’s

permission to act inappropriately that’s an issue with him and not

with her. You shouldn’t talk to her in a way that is disrespectful.

You shouldn’t sexually harass her and you should approach

everyone with that mindset regardless of how they are dressed. 

Which cosplayers do you look up to? 

Kay bear and Cutie Pie Sensei of course, Mewpuff, Taylor Hobbs, Callherchildish_gambino are all cosplayers I look up to also.  

Where do you see yourself as a cosplayer 10 years from now? 

Hopefully attending more conventions, being able to

attend conventions longer and possibly moderating a panel. Going

and having fun and mostly just being able to make and run some


I hoped you enjoyed this Interview, it was definitely a nice change

to have anothers opinion and hone in on some important aspects of

the cosplay community. If you’re interested in being interviewed

do not hesitate to reach out to me. I look forward to your

responses and comments below. To see previous interviews click

HERE thats it for today post until next time, STAY BOUNDLESS!!!

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