Intro to Animation & Hoshicon

Intro to Animation & Hoshicon

Storm CosplayI don’t know about everyone else but personally I am tired of being an adult. As children we want nothing more than to get older so we can finally do all of the things we see adults doing. Staying up late, watching rated “R” movies, drinking, smoking and let’s not forget sex. When I get older life will be great you begin to think. The world is my oyster. I can become the president, a pilot, firefighter or even an astronaut. As a child, all of these things are possible and you just knew you were going to change the world. Well I am an adult and I must say I am still waiting for ta few of these things to happen. Several of us are in a constant loop, an endless circle of paying bills, going to work and watching Uncle Sam demolish our checks all in the name of TAXES.Hoshicon Images-9
Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do about the majority of the responsibilities that accompany the transition into adulthood but we can reverse time for a bit. How you might ask? Well no worries my friend, it does not involve the invention of a time machine nor a thorough understanding of the space time continuum and quantum mechanics. That’s right, returning to the days of Saturday morning cartoons and imitating your favorite super heroes is just as easy as immersing yourself in the phenomenal world of costume play.

              Hoshicon Images-49Cosplay is short for costume play. In this amazing art form and display of self-expression, individuals put countless hours into props, apparel and makeup to imitate their favorite characters. All of these elements come together to create a variety of characters spanning several genres, years and series.  Characters such as Batman, Goku, Spiderman and Naruto are all viable characters which are commonly represented at conventions across the world. The images displayed in this post were taken at Hoshicon in Charlotte, NC.Hoshicon Images-17
Each player usually portrays their favorite character but each costume greatly varies from the next. Two individuals can both choose to portray black panther but each costume may appear drastically different due to the individual’s preferences and overall body frame. The combination of each player’s unique elements into his/hers costume creates an impressive display which instantly creates both excitement and nostalgia.

Pandaran BrewmasterJapanese animated series are commonly viewed by many who have never seen an animated series (Anime) as childish. This could not be further from the truth. Although several series are tailored to children, just as many series are also created for mature audiences. Ideas involving religion, relationships, life and death, politics and even depression are all represented throughout the anime universe.Hoshicon Images-52 Several of these ideologies can be incorporated into daily living and directly correlate to the struggles we face as individuals. Perfect examples of such adult series are Haibane Renmei, Ghost in the Shell, and Psycho-Pass. Understanding the concepts of these series can be difficult at times but is surely worth the investment. I guarantee they will gradually open your eyes to a world many have never considered.
Hoshicon Images-37Thanks everyone for reading my intro to ANIME and Cosplay article. Over the next couple of days, I will gradually release more pictures of the event so make sure to check back periodically. Also, if you see your images please leave a comment on the site and feel free to share the link. Thanks everyone for all the great costumes and poses.








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