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We have all seen some amazing cosplays. Everything ranging from anime to marvel and dc along with Disney and original characters. People are extremely creative and love to take on challenges. I have definitely noticed this as a cosplay photographer and despite attending several conventions over the years, I never cease to be amazed. As many of you know I have a preference for armor cosplays but recently I have seen some cloth and even leather cosplays that were out of this world. Tons of cosplayers are now even enhancing their cosplays with LED lights 

There are tons of characters that are enhanced with the addition of LED lights to there outfit. In today’s post, I want to cover a few of the characters that I have seen that look amazing with lights along with some that I believe would go well with LEDsBut first, if installing lights into your cosplay seems a bit intimidating, don’t worry, I have included a few resources that will help ease those worries. First off your going to need a few materials. The items you should consider are 1. Soldering Iron, 2. Slide Switch, 3. Helping Hand, 4.Breadboard and 5. Breadboard Jumper wires 

I will admit I’m just getting into using several of these items but I have watched damn near every tutorial KAMUICOSPLAY has released and let me tell you they are amazing. They will give you an idea of what you need to do to complete your intended project and its certainly a great starting point. She also has another great video HERE that shows you how to control which colors are being shown. I plan on incorporating all of this into my mech build so don’t be afraid to try and dive in as well. 


So now onto the characters. Genos is the main student of SaitamaAs most of you know he’s cyborg that wields unbelievable firepower. Incorporating yellow lights into this cosplay should be very simple as genos character shows exactly where they should go. You do not have to do any guesswork and as long as you follow the character, you shouldn’t have any surprises.  If you want to get really fancy, feel free to include a vape device for smoke effects. An example of the finished project can be seen on @Fullhealthcosplay page. 

Ragyo Kiryuin 

Next up we have the main antagonist from Kill La KillRagyo Kiryuin was an absolute badass that even the likes of Satsuki Kiryūin did not dare to oppose without adequate planning. Her outfit throughout the series was very simple yet somehow extremely elaborate. Her dress was monocolored while her hair exhibited a rainbow effect. This is where your  LEDS will come in to replicate this rainbow effect. Im not experienced enough to know how one would pull this off but trust me if you make a glowing Ragyo Kiryuin cosplay, you will certainly get lots of attention. 


Samus is an OG that has been around for a very long time. She has been remade so many times that I’m sure even she has grown tired of fighting RidleyBut the fact that she has been drawn several times and is a well-known character means that you can find tons of images of her along with previous cosplays. One that immediately comes to mind is @thefantasticnamieI was able to witness this cosplay first hand at Katsucon. Let me tell you, it was AMAZING! Definitely check out her page to get some ideas for making your own Samus Led cosplay. 


The god of thunder is always a prime candidate for Blue Leds as he is seen wielding lightning effects throughout the marvel universe. You could even add Leds to Stormbreaker or MjölnirThis would look amazing at the rave and if you start now you will be ready by the time convention season returns. Another idea would be to include your BFF or significant other and have them cosplay as Captain AmericaHe would wield the other Hammer and also exhibit glowing blue LEDs

Zinogre Armor 

Zinagore Armor By Piratefoxcosplay
Zinagore Armor By Piratefoxcosplay

I have posted several times about this armor as I absolutely love the color scheme and the images I took of @piratefoxcosplayKamuicosplay created an awesome tutorial for adding LEDS to the Zinogre Blades and im sure you could apply these techniques to the armor. I would certainly lose my shit if I ever saw this happen or at a rave. Actually, damn near any armor set from monster hunter can have LEDs added to enhance its overall look. 


Ahri Cosplay by @mewpiie_cosplay
Ahri Cosplay by @mewpiie_cosplay

I have been playing League of Legends for a while and remember when the nine-tailed fox was added to the game. Ahri was an instant hit as her character was not only charming and sexy but also extremely powerful. Her character design has always been a hit at conventions with various iterations of her costume being seen throughout the con. My top choices would have to be Arcade Ahri or Foxfire Ahri. A glowing red tail would look amazing with her Foxfire theme. Similarly, various Led colors could be used to make her Arcade version along with a matching speaker in the costume creating the sound effects. Man, imagine the video you could make with this cosplay.  

Black Rock Shooter 

Black Rock Shooter or Dead Master are perfect candidates for LED special affects. They are usually drawn wearing all black with either Blue or Green lights shining somewhere on their body. I believe these two would also make a great cosplay couple since they are in the same series and have matching cool Led colors. I also do not see many cosplayers wearing this character at cons so who knows, you may be very unique and authentic. You can also likely turn some other cosplayers onto this great series! 

Cosplay by @fairlyfantasticcosplay 

There are so many other great characters that fit into this category with Aang, Iron Man and Jinx also being great candidates. I really hope this post inspired some of you to dive into the world of LED lights as I really want to see and photograph them at conventions next year. That is if convention seasons does return early 2021. If you enjoyed this post feel free to leave a comment below. Also, check out my Youtube as it has some great cosplayers on it showing off some amazing cosplays. In particular, @fairlyfantasticcosplay has an amazing Jinx that will certainly show you what can be made once you fully commit to this project. Thanks so much again for checking out my page and until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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