Lights on Lights

Light Painting Pics-8With each passing day various things come and go. Food, people, money and even time are all variables which shift daily in terms of importance and necessity. This is obvious from the fact that the majority of us know our routine better than we know the people and events it actually revolves around. Im guessing the bulk of society can tell you their week long before it begins.Light Painting Pics
But, outside of the events we deem absolutely necessary for our existence we forget about other processes which would result in life coming to a halt if they ever ended. You may be wondering what I am referring to? Well its very simple, the one item necessary for life to continue on this planet is light. Of course I do not specifically mean your regular lightbulb but you get the point. Without light certain species would be incapable of communication or food production. In my case, I would be unable to create BOUNDLESS images. So with that idea in mind, lets see what images I created after bending light to suite my needs.

             Light Painting Pics-37For this shoot I decided to once again venture into one of my favorite field of photography, Night Shoots. By combining different lights and camera settings, I was able to create some rather unique and abstract images. Most of the images I take are very structured and require planning prior to pressing the shutter release button. I decided to go ahead and ditch all of that with this shoot.Light Painting Pics-2
The images are much more spontaneous and represent my curiosity for mixing shapes and colors. At first several of the images were not in focus or the camera was responding harshly to the brightness of various flasks. After a bit of tampering, I was finally able to capture the images I had in mind. For the first set of images, I used a fiber optic light along with glow sticks to create the various effects. By setting a longer aperture and moving the strands of light, I was able to create the curved lines demonstrated in several of the photos.

Light Painting Pics-37For the images involving the glowing flasks. I decided to cut open various glow sticks and dump their contents into each container. The chemical creating the fluorescent glow was surprisingly strong. A single drop onto anything caused the item to illuminate nearly as much as the flasks I was trying to photograph. Upon finishing the images of the flasks, I decided to add water to each flask in attempt to illuminate the entire bottle. Unfortunately, the luminescent chemical was far denser than originally expected and completely sunk to the bottom. Mixing the two layers provided a temporary relief but only for a few seconds.Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this project and cannot wait to attempt others. Bending morphing and molding light to create unique images is a fundamental principle of photography. If you can control light, then creating Boundless images will certainly follow.

Lights on Lights


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