Lilly Ariella Asuka Cosplay

Neon Genesis Evangelion Cosplay Asuka

Gorgeous Asuka Cospaly by LillyHows everyone doing? Im back with another great post to highlight a phenomenal cosplayer. This particular cosplayer has completed several amazing cosplays but the one I am highlighting today she exhibited at

Neon Genesis CosplayQueencity anime convention. I haven’t watched this series in years but have extremely fond memories of it. Which series am I speaking of, well from the images you guessed it, Neon Genesis Evangelion “Shin Seiki Evangerion”.

              This series was released in 1995 and focuses on an organization called NERV. The organization uses large mechs called evangelions. The sole purpose of evangelions is to fight and destory the extremely powerful angels. The main characters of this series pilot the evangelions in order to lay waste to the angels. The 3 main pilots include Shinji Ikari, Asuka Sohryu and Rei Ayanami.Neon Genesis Cosplay

              SugliteCity (Lilly Ariella) choose to, as you can tell, cosplay as Asuka Sohryu. This was by far one of my favorite shoots. Her energy and poses throughout the shoot were phenomenal. The ease at which she transitioned from pose to pose clearly represents here experience with cosplay shoots.

Neon Genesis Cosplay AsukaI also thoroughly enjoyed her attention to detail. Her blue eyes, makeup and red hair were all extraordinary. I can clearly tell that she spent a lot of time getting into character and that this cosplay meant a lot to her. Side note, To view several of her other cosplays which include Zerotwo, 2B, and C.C cosplay. Also check out her Patreon!

              I am more than glad to have been able to capture Lilly Ariella  cosplay at queen city animecon. I plan to attend AWA and will certainly be taking some more pics of her so stay tuned for several phenomenal new images. To view some of her past cosplays check them out here. Also, toNeon Genesis Cosplay view some other images from Queen City animecon don’t hesitate to check here. Thanks so much again for checking out my post and site. Until next time, Stay Boundless!


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