London Day 1

Sorry For The Late Post Everyone. I know its Day 5 of the trip and I am only posting the first article but, what can I say? WIFI hasn’t been great and walking these 8+ miles a day have been serious. But Without Further ado, here we go.

London Day 1

Finally we made it. HELLO!!! Europe, well specifically London. First thoughts, where to begin? Second thought, why is crossing the street so difficult? I mean this is crazy. The lights slowly progress from red to yellow and then to green. Definitely almost got hit within the first few hours of landing. Well, now that we got that out of the way, let’s go ahead and reset.

London Day 1-87

Ello “with my best British accent” and welcome to the first day of my trip. I promise to do my best to keep everyone updated with images regarding the activities we experience over the course of this trip. Starting the journey, the first difference we notice are the buses. “I have yet to take a picture of one but I’ll make sure to get one in before the end of the trip”. I am sure several of you seasoned traveling vets already knew they were double decker’s but this came as a shock to me. They are also extremely clean in comparison to their American counterparts. The large windows in the back display instructions stating “in event of emergence, break window”. They state it as though this was not the first option everyone was going to initiate. But I guess the reminder isn’t so bad.

London Day 1-70

Continuing the journey, we begin walking towards our Air BnB destination. As we turn the corner we come across a very strange looking dog or cat; I’m not really sure. It was far too large to be a cat, but simply looked different than a regular dog. That’s when I realized it’s neither, it was a fox. To think I’d see a fox in the middle of downtown London was absurd. We see them in the suburbs back home all the time, but in the middle of a bustling city, who would of though. I definitely would have lost the London has foxes bet.

London Day 1-47

Next, on to the highlights of the first day, the architecture. The buildings scattered throughout the area are absolutely breathtaking. To think people were capable of such marvelous creations so many years ago is astounding. How they could lift 10 ton blocks in the air without modern machinery yet couldn’t figure out the black plague is a bit baffling. But that’s a different story, ill refrain from throwing shade.

London Day 1-26

Anyways, back to what I was saying, o yes the architecture. The massive buildings ranging from big ben to Saint Paul’s cathedral were breathtaking. Each portion of the building was extremely detailed.  Lions and religious figures were etched into all corners of the building making for marvelous photo shots. The hardest part was taking pics which excluded the other tourist in the immediate area. Once this goal was accomplished the beauty of the surrounding area spoke for itself.

London Day 1-79

Last but not least we took a tour through Hyde Park. This massive park spans 350 acres which is absurd considering its location. The people were extremely relaxed and remarkably friendly. We commonly asked questions while moving from one part of the park to another and always received a friendly greeting. Even the squirrels were friendly enough to get uncomfortably close. Never thought a gang of 8 to 10 squirrels could be so intimidating.

Well this brief summary of our first day includes but also excludes a lot. To get a better picture of what I am referring to go ahead and check out the gallery below. More images will be periodically uploaded so check back regularly.


London Gallery 1

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