London Day 2

London Day 2

Soooo, here we go again. Another day complete. Actually several days completed. We have done and seen so much these last few days. Coming up with a summary is actually rather difficult this time. I have also had to accept that fact that I can’t see EVERYTHING in London. That’s right, I have had to make some tough decisions and let a few destinations go. But that’s ok, there’s always next time. I only need to save another 2000 U.S. dollars or 1500 British pounds. Let’s not think about the money though and get to the good stuff, the pictures.

London Day 3-8-14

Words cannot describe how amazing these two marvelous pieces of architecture are. The sheer size accompanied by the detail put into each building is aww inspiring. Unfortunately, I had no idea that entrance into this building was only offered one day a week. That’s rather annoying considering the fact that each of these structures were built with tax payer money. If tax payers paid for it then they should be capable of entering it whenever they choose. That aside, we also visited the London Eye along with several cathedrals with the most notable being St. Pauls.

London Day 3-8-4

This Goliath of a structure casts an immense shadow over the churches we attend back home. Fortunately we could enter a small portion of the church but pictures were not allowed. This makes describing the beauty of the cathedral rather difficult. Color pieces of artwork were scattered throughout the church along with various emblems and candles illuminating all corners of this phenomenal structure.

London Day 3-8-3

Finally, we ended our day’s journey at the London eye. I have to say I was rather excited to ride the enormous Ferris wheel but……. It was honestly a bit of a letdown. I mean, sure you get to see London from a different perspective but the buildings didn’t look any different from the air. The ride also cost approximately 27lbs. For more than 30 U.S. dollars I expected A LOT more. Maybe a bit faster or some type of unexpected souvenir at the end of the ride. That defiantly would have helped justify this overpriced human pin wheel. O well though, I can now at least say I have been on the London eye.

London Day 3-8-6

 Well that’s all for now.  I have realized the amount of pictures I have been taking by far trumps the amount I can post into an article. So, I have decided to simply start posting images and galleries for the rest of the trip. This will allow me to better provide views on all London has to offer. Continue to check back periodically for more updates.

London Day 3-8

Instead of taking you on a day by day journey I went ahead and grouped several events together for convince sake. This leg of the journey involved visiting some of the most iconic buildings in all of London. Any idea which I’m referring to? If you have seen V for vendetta (one of my favorite movies by the way) then you will already have your answer. For those of you that missed out on this amazing film, 1. Go see it immediately, 2. Avoid the next few sentences to avoid any spoilers. Anyways, If you guessed Big Ben and the Parliament Building than you win one very real but possibly imaginary gold star.





London Day 2

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