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Before we begin I would like to once again say thank you for visiting my site. I greatly appreciate all of the support along with general interest in my pictures. Don’t forget, if you love any of the images, they are all available for download, canvas print or even metal sheet prints at my smug mug site (BoundlessPerception). With that being said, lets dive into the reason you clicked this link, AWESOME IMAGES!!! Or at least that’s the reason I believe you clicked the link.London Day 3-8 Images 2-63
As many of you know one, of my top 3 fields of photography is night photography. There’s simply something about the way buildings and people glow and create a somewhat mystical effect when shrouded in darkness. Many associate the night with the ending of a day or even fear. But, if you stop and actually perceive the beauty around you then you may begin to notice a completely different side of the days end. I was fortunate enough to have enough spare time while traveling around London to return to a few iconic spots after the sun had set and the Nights Watch began. Shot outs to everyone that got that reference (#gameofthronesforlife).
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Big ben, the parliament bridge along with the London eye are all unmistakably spectacular during the day. Their night counter parts are even more magnificent and less commonly seen. Starting off I began taking pictures of the tower bridge (insert tower bridge). The daily grind of commuters and residents entering city were all but absent during the late hours of the night. The city had essential come to a standstill. At this hour you could hear the city breathing. With each inhale of the city’s vents which support the extensive subway network followed by the exhale of the waves embracing the canal walls, the city came to life The once noisy populated locations were now a paradise of silence and illuminated buildings spanning several decades.London Day 3-8 Images 2-79

While taking pictures I had the pleasant/non pleasant honor of having a few random drunk pedestrians jumping into the shot. I will always believe each shot they forced themselves into was the one shot that would have made me a multi-millionaire and a world renowned photographer but I guess we will never know. The shot never taken tells no stories. O well, the experience was still rewarding and I made several new friends as a result of their random shenanigans.

London Day 3-8 Images 2-88After capturing the images of the buildings themselves it was time to give my girlfriend and sister the camera time they had been craving. They came out with me each night and braved Londons oddly cold nights despite the weather indicating it was the summer. Taking their pictures was certainly difficult but extremely rewarding. They fought bravely to hold still and strike their best poses while resisting the urge to shiver. As a result of their hard work I was able to capture the awesome images you can view below. You can also alternatively view them here (BoundlessPerception).

London Day 3-8 Images 2-75The overall experience was extremely memorable and one that will forever remain a highlight of my traveling experiences. Despite being nearly broke after converting to the pound, we still had a great time and brought back better memories and experiences than any souvenir could offer. Well excluding winning the UK lottery. Let’s face it, that would have been a much better souvenir.

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