Masked Cosplay and Anime Conventions

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What’s going on all of my fellow apocalypse survivors. It would seem we can’t catch a break. First corona then Giant Asian Hornets. God only knows what the rest of the year has in store but one thing I know for sure is the cosplay creation flame cannot be extinguished. Sure nearly every convention for the rest of 2020 has been canceled but let’s look at it as an extension on those delayed cosplay creation plans. But, while we are on the topic of conventions, I say they allow the conventions to proceed but with one strict rule. What is that rule you ask? Well, it’s one that suits both cosplay and CDC standards. I say we allow the conventions to proceed but everyone must cosplay as a character that wears a mask. This brings to mind what characters wear masks then? Well, I’m here to answer that question for you my friend. Let’s check out 10 cosplayable characters that wear masks. 


First up the Anbu are a perfect cosplay for this concept because the Anbu are made of groups of people rather than a single individual. This, of course, means that you will be able to cosplay with all of your friends while maintaining safe health practices and staying in character. Not only will you be an elite soldier sworn to defend the hidden leaf village, but you will also be an advent combater of the spread of coronavirus. Two birds with one stone. 


Zero from Code Geass had the right idea when he chose his outfit. He wanted to remain hidden from the publics eye while making sure he prevented any cases of COVID-19. I’m not sure of the diseases they had running rampant during this character’s time period but I’m sure Zeros helmet would have prevented them also. As if the helmet was not enough, he also got himself a pair of gloves and made sure to prevent any skin from being exposed. This attire is about as safe as one could get. 


Another mask that does more than just surround the nose and mouth region, Kurasaki Ichigo decided that if he was going to be a part-time soul reaper he had to protect himself from any germs or diseases in the spirit realm. I mean a cold or the flue are bad enough, I could not imagine catching a disease that exclusively affects the spirit. I’m guessing  Kurasaki Ichigo had the same thoughts and let the designers know he was not going into the spirit realm without protection lol. 


We all know how much of a coward Usopp used to be. All of this changed though as soon as he equipped his antiviral Sogeking mask. It provided full protection in the front allowing no access to any of his orifices. Well technically, I’m not exactly sure how Usopps nose works so there is a small possibility that his nostrils are on the end rather than the underside of his nose. Either way, the man-made a mask and I have never seen him get sick while wearing it so that must stand for something right? 


Not only is San a classic character but she had to develop something to prevent her from getting sick while living with wild animals. Well, at least that’s what I’m assuming! This character has and always will remain a convention favorite as Princess Mononoke is arguably the most well-known movie that Studio Ghibli ever created.  Her mask may have 3 large openings that allow for particles to enter but so long as you cover them with some form of cloth or mesh you will be good to go. 

Majoras Mask 

Another timeless classic, this mask has been popular ever since its introduction in 2000. Subconsciously, the creators at Nintendo were preparing us for a cosplay future that would require absolute facial protection. This mask has no openings and will fend off even the harshest coughs from outsiders.  I imagine a movie in which the hazmat team is wearing the normal protective plastic gear but instead of those flimsy facial masks, they swap them out for Majoras MasksThis is the world I would like to live in. 

Rimuru Tempest 

Not as shiny or as fancy as many of the others on the list, this mask is simple yet effective. This mask was capable of suppressing the demon Ifrit so corona shouldn’t stand a chance. Since it has no openings you will be all but immune to airborne particles yet may experience a bit of difficulty breathing. Though fewer breaths does mean you will be less likely to contract any diseases, you may also be fighting an uphill battle against simply living. But, to gain you must give so if you’re up for this fight fear not as I’m sure you will be victorious.  

Heis Mask 

Another mask that should serve you well in the fight against corona is Heis Mask from darker than black. This mask is both protective and mysterious in nature. Are you simply trying to practice appropriate protective social behaviors or are you secretly plotting to kill me, no one knows. One thing we do know though is that you should have no trouble entering the convention as your oral and nasal region are completely covered. Just wash your hands after each killing and you are good to go. 

Kakashis Mask 

Last but not least we have Hatake Kakashis maskIt is basically an extension of what we are currently doing. It has a bit of added length because protecting your most valuable asset is obviously just as important as protecting your life. Like Hatake Kakashi, you are destined for great things so add this mask to your arsenal of cosplays in preparation for anything else 2020 will bring. Who knows, it may somehow be useful against the giant hornets.     

I hope you all enjoyed and found a bit of amusement in this article. Obviously tons of other steps would have to be implemented if conventions were to return this year but I believe masked characters are definitely a step in the right direction. If you enjoyed this post definitely feel free to leave a comment below along with any other characters that should have made the list. As always feel free to check out some more articles HERE along with some awesome cosplay videos HEREThat’s going to do it for today, until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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