MOMOCON 2019!!!

MOMOCON 2019 The Promised Never Lande

Well, I finally Finished My images from momocon. and let me say,

I’m not sure I ever want to take that many pictures again. I kinda

overdid it this go around with over 1k pictures snapped. I met so

many awesome cosplayers and can’t wait to hit momocon again

next year. Shockingly, I actually got through them a lot quicker

than I thought I would. Hooray for multitasking. I will gladly send

everyone their images. JUST SEND ME AN EMAIL SO I CAN SEND

THEM!!! The files are usually too large to directly send and require

I uploaded them to google drive first.

MOMOCON 2019 Wolverine


Before I continue with this post, I would like to thank everyone

again that took the time to pose for my pictures. I absolutely love

doing cosplay photography and the interactions I had with

cosplayers was awesome. Not only did I meet a ton of new people

at momocon I also learned about several new series I need to

check out. I have discovered my knowledge of anime is not as

extensive as I thought. There were several cosplays I did not

recognize and I ask forgiveness for my lack of knowledge. I will do

better in the future.

MOMOCON 2019 Naruto


All of the momocon pictures I took are in the albums below. If you

would like a copy of your picture PLEASE DO NOT DO A SCREEN

CAPTURE. The quality is terrible and its just not worthy. Simply

send me a message and the picture number and ill gladly send it to

you. Also, DONATIONS are never required but are GREATLY

appreciated. You can donate at my Paypal

(, Veenmo ( Boundless-

Perception) or cash app ($Boundlessperception). Lots of equipment

that is getting up there in age needs to be replaced to continue

doing shoots.

MOMOCON 2019 Valkyrie

Finally, there are several images that really took the prize for me, I

would like to recognize some of my favorite images from the

convention. Just to be clear, I’m not saying any cosplay is better

than the other, I’m just commenting on some images I liked more

than others. Images that I feel really expressed my artistic abilities

and my goals as a cosplay photographer.

Falcon and Widowmaker

MOMOCON 2019 Avengers

First up we have Falcon and Blackwidow. These outfits were

cosplayed by @maggiejcosplay and @therealmikemosley. Maybe

its because im still riding my avengers high but these cosplays

really hit the spot for me. I think im still coping with the fact that

the Avengers are gone and all of those great memories are now

official residents of memory lane. Sam wilsons wings were

wonderfully constructed and perfectly complemented

Blackwidows attire. I hope to see these two at another convention.

Jasmine and Cloud

MOMOCON 2019 Cloud And Jasmine

Next up we have Princess Jasmine and Cloud Strife. I really cant

put my finger on why I loved these mashup so much but it really

just worked. Maybe because Final Fantasy VII, Aladdin and

kingdom hearts all have special places in my heart as classics.

These cosplays were worn by @aquariustaughtme and

@sanuracosplay. I loved there costumes so much I had to make a

boomerang for Instagram right after the shoot. Ill repost it just for

nostalgia sake!

League Of Legends

MOMOCON 2019 League Of Legends

It’s crazy that I just recently wrote a league of legends post on my

site and then BAM! I meet some league of legends cosplayers at

momcon. Their costumes were phenomenal and the fact that they

were rolling through the con in a group made it so much better. I

cant say these are my favorite characters in the game but I still

loved it all the same. In case you don’t play the game, we had

Nidalee, Jinx, and Katarina. These cosplays were rocked by

@bbgolgi, @nnercromancerr, and @oaenimao. Check out there

IGS for some more great cosplays.


MOMOCON 2019 Borderlands

Next up we have @when,ravens.fall and @platfornheelys

cosplaying as mad moxxi and tyreen. Borderland was my game.

Everything about it was just awesome. The graphics, story, and

villains all meshed. I especially loved the humor of this game. I

really want to see someone cosplay as a giant claptrap. If you have

no idea what I’m talking about, just go play the game and you will

instantly get it.

Dragon Ball Super

MOMOCON 2019 Gods Of Destruction

Like many of you, I have watching dragonball since I was a child

and will continue until my dying days lol. I was so excited to see and @samuraichamps cosplaying at the gods of

destruction (Beerus & Champa). This is my first time seeing this

at a con so I was super excited. If only the goku that I

photographed had been there earlier we would have had a perfect

shoot. O well, I will be at a lot more cons and there’s still plenty of

time this year to make that happen.

Sailor Moon

MOMOCON 2019 Sailor Scouts

Last but not least we have @sailorgang5. Its been a really long

time since I have captured a large majority of the sailor scouts all

together in one spot. It’s amazing how some series simply slip into

oblivion while others are timeless. This is definitely one of those

series. They came with poses, outfits and amazing attitudes. This is

another one of the series that brings back a tone of nostalgia.

Thanks so much for letting me shoot it.  

MOMOCON 2019 Spiderman

As we wrap up this post and send momocon 2019 off to the history

books, I want to thank everyone again that let me take their

pictures. I cant stress enough how important it is that you EMAIL

ME to receive a copy of your pictures. My email address is Simply send me your

character name and number from the momocon albums and ill

gladly send you a copy of your picture. All I ask is that you give me

a shout out when you post it!

MOMOCON 2019 Mashup

Well, that’s everything for todays momocon post, I hope you

enjoyed the post and will continue to visit my site and keep me in

mind for your next shoot. My next con should be blerdcon and I

will, of course, be taking pictures their as well. Thanks again and

until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!!

MOMOCON 2019 Great Friends

PS: Thanks to my Friends So much For Helping Me get cosplayers

for this shoot! I couldn’t have done it without you! And for more

Cosplay Images Check HERE!!!


Momocon 2

Momocon 3

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Momocon 5

Momocon 6

Momocon 7

Momocon 8

Momocon 9

Momocon 10

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Momocon 13

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