Most Powerful Anime Characters

Throughout the anime world, there are tons of powerful characters. Some characters are capable of performing miraculous feats while others alter the entire flow of their universe. Each year the cosplay and anime world invents new characters that utterly shatter the space-time continuum. This earns them the title of one of the most powerful anime characters ever invented.

But who are these gods and titans that make even strong characters shutter in dismay? Well, that question will be answered today my friend as I want to check out some of the most powerful anime characters to ever be created. Let’s see Who makes the list! 


Whis Cosplay

First up we have an actual angel. Whis is for lack of better words the caretaker of Lord Beerus. We all know how ridiculous Beerus is so stating that you’re stronger than him is no laughing matter. Whis has been shown to knock the God of Destruction unconscious with a single hit. Although I do not know the exact extent of Whises abilities, I am sure that the combined force of GokuVegeta and Beerus would do nothing more than give Whis a light warmup.

Cosplay By Tehray and Candee Saults photo By Todd Mcclintic

When Whis isn’t out taking care of Beerus or Saiyanshe’s indulging his taste buds in any of earth’s many fine cuisines. This means that this character will be perfect for you if you enjoy eating while in character! You can never have too many angels at a cosplay convention. 

Madara Uchiha  

uchiha_madara_by_yuu899 Photo By Photo by Anastasia Prygunova

No name struck more fear into the shinobi world than that of Uchiha MadaraI mean, his reputation was unrivaled. He was easily worth 1000 shinobis and well versed in several ninjutsu’s. The man literally revoked death. Who the hell does that? On top of his already amazing abilities, he also wields genius-level intellect. Normal threats that would get others in a tizzy barely phased Madara. What really earned this character the title of most powerful anime character was the fact that he subdued one of the legendary tailed beasts by merely looking at them.

Uchiha Madara Cosplay NakagoinKuto

Throughout the series, you can see characters using every tool in their arsenal to simply halt the advanced of tailed beasts. Taijutsu, Genjutsu and ninjutsu have all had limited effects when used by others. Madara on the other hand decided that dealing with such a threat only took a look. Kind of the way your parents looked at you when you were a kid. All it took was their glare to get you acting right again. Definitely deserving of the most powerful title. 

Yujiro Hanma 

Yujiro Hanma Cosplay By @THEMETALSLIMER

This character does not have world-ending attacks or even country destroying attacks but none the less he is known as the strongest creature on earth. Just stop for a second and think about what this means. Lions, tigers, bears, sharks, and even gorillas which are known to be up to 15x stronger than a human do not stand a chance against Yujiro HanmaIn the most reason season of bakiYujiro Hanma was shown to rip the face off of another grandmaster.

Skin is extremely tear-resistant and requires about 18,000,000n per square meter to tear. This task was completed by Yujiro Hanma not only with one hand but also in the middle of a tournament. Meaning, conditions were not optimal and he had the pressure of the entire crowd watching. The ease at which he did this makes me believe he did not even show half of his true strength and god only knows what devastating attacks he will unleash on his son Baki. 


Alucard Cosplay By Fabricosplay

If it weren’t for the fact that I knew Alucard was a vampire, I may just consider placing him in the god category. This man has survived decapitation, being shot and impalement. Normal attacks that would extinguish most vampires are nothing more than a paper cut to this powerful anime character. Unfortunately, Alucard is extremely arrogant and has the utmost faith in his overpowered abilities leading to him being taken by surprise. He is also one of the most stylish overpowered anime characters. 

Alucard Cosplay By Fabricosplay

Alucards bright red outfit is always accented by some of the most beautiful guns in the anime world. His .454 casull and Jackal may look ordinary on the surface but in no way shape or form are these guns useable by ordinary humans. To be honest he only has these guns because he apparently has an affinity for firearms. With his wide arsenal of vampiric abilities, its no surprise that Alucard has to tone down the fight to actually get some type of enjoyment out of it. I believe that is the only reason he wields these two devastating firearms. 

Jotaro Kujo 


Many people would probably not put this character on a most powerful anime characters list but let me explain why I did. Jotaro Kujo commands Star Platinum and as we all know he’s extremely overpowered. But the fact that Star Platinum can control time grants him no equal on the battlefield. Fighters can control all aspects of their body and the fight. Amazing fighters have been shown to make the opponent move when they want and submit to there techniques. 


It’s even possible to train one’s mind to ward off mental attacks. But, it’s impossible to condition or train one’s body to respond to the stoppage of time. Literally every cell in your body comes to a halt thus preventing any form of resistance to the opponent’s attacks. Second, only a stan is capable of defeating a stan meaning if you do not have a stan, its impossible to fight back. Obviously, one could somehow trick or attack the stan user but this is nearly impossible with an invisible stan attacking you at every corner. 

One Punch Man Photo-By-Jason-Tran
One Punch Man Photo-By-Jason-Tran

I personally truly enjoy extremely powerful anime characters but also enjoy when their powers are pushed to the limit. Characters like Saitama and Zeno are overpowered but they have yet to have their backs against the wall. I personally enjoy it when these characters are actually forced to use their true abilities and the fights appear to be swayed by each decision.

 I’m definitely looking forward to the new characters coming in all of the anime in 2021! I can’t even begin to fathom the new characters that will claim the title and sit upon the thrown of the most powerful. Thanks so much for checking out my post. Feel free to check out several more HERE! Also, check out my YOUTUBE as its constantly updated with new cosplayers and awesome anime content. Thanks so much again and until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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