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Cosplay By Kinpatsu Cosplay

Well, the time is finally upon us. We have been waiting a while for this but the race is not given to the swift. No idea what I’m talking about? Then I truly question your loyalty to the series. Which series? Only one of the greatest anime series to grace gods green earth since Naruto and samurai champloo. Still, no idea what I’m talking about? Well if you didn’t guess by the title I’m talking about MY HERO ACADEMIA SEASON 4! Season 3 ended September 29, 2018 so we have waited well over a year for this. I’m not sure what this season has in store but I’m sure it will be just as phenomenal as the first 3. 

Cosplay By Leon Chiro Photo By Eduard Luzhetskiy

I can’t imagine how many new heroes are going to be introduced but I’m definitely sitting in front of my computer anxiously waiting. Side note I’m sure I would know a lot more about the series if I read the manga but I have not made it there yet so forgive me. Regardless lets take a look at some of the awesome cosplays we can exhibit to welcome back this amazing series. I have previously written on this topic and you can find the post HERE!  So without further ado, lets get into it! 

Inasa Yoarashi 

Cosplay_by_kohcoz_dcmuoig-pre Photo By Kohcoz

This character has only been shown for a bit in the animated series but much more has been revealed about him in the manga. Apparently, his quirk uses the power of the wind. He has dark brown hair and black eyes. His costume resembles an old flight suit to me for some reason. The best part of the cosplay has to be the cape. I love capes especially given the number 1 hero has a cape. But Keep in mind that you have to be extremely cautious with capes. The Incredibles taught us just how dangerous they can be! 

Tamaki Amajiki 

Photo By capitainegoose Cosplay By CalSpooks

Tamaki Amajiki better known as Suneater is one of the big 3 along with Mirio Togata and Nejire HadoIt has been stated that his powers rival that of many pro heroes and he has trained vigorously to master it. His quirk “manifest” allows him to manifest anything he has eaten. He can also use multiple attributes at once giving him lots of variability in his fighting style. Not only can he use multiple attributes at once, but he can also select the best part of the item he has eaten. His only limitation is he can only manifest items that still remain in his system. So I guess he has to accurately choose what to eat and when to eat it.  

Mirio Togata 

Cosplay by Paul_Might Photo By Grace And Shine

Next up is Mirio Togata. Or as I call him, the guy who single handedly beat the 1A class and gave everyone an awesome gut punch guy. They say he is closest to replacing All Might as the number one hero and after seeing him in episode 25 of season 3 I believe it. I mean he beat some of the most badass characters the show has ever introduced with his quirk. I’m not sure I fully understand the extent of his quirk (permeation) but basically it appears to allow him to move through space and touch or not touch whatever he wants. Regardless I look forward to seeing a lot more from him this season. 

Nejire Hado 

Cosplay By Jakuwott Photo By Photosnxs

The last of the big 3 is Nejire Hado. I know they have discussed her in the manga but not much has been shown in the anime. Her quirk is wave motion.  This ability allows her to close the gap between her and her foes very fast and release large amounts of energy. These blasts can come from her hands or feet and of course she can control the power output of each blast. Since these blasts use her vitality, she has had to train her stamina to incredible levels in order to sustain her abilities while in a fight. I look forward to seeing a lot more from this character with this upcoming season.  

Mezo Shoji 


Mezo Shoji is a very interesting hero. Ill admit that hes not one of my favorites but his ability is rather interesting. He is capable of splitting and growing tentacle like appendages from this body that can then turn into whatever he needs. Everything from ears and eyes to extra hands. It has also been shown that they can be severed and he can regrow them so long as they’re not one of his main appendages. His costume is simple but effective. It allows room for his arms to multiply and divide as he sees fit. Id imagine if you want to do this cosplay you could use EVA FOAM to create extra appendages coming off of your body.  

Neito Monoma 


Another hero with a very interesting and highly versatile quirk is Neito MonomaAs you have seen or even read in the manga he has the ability to copy others’ quirks. This is an absolutely amazing power but it also comes with the disadvantage of receiving their weaknesses. This quirk combined with his high intellect makes him an absolute beast. This cosplay is very classy and looks absolutely amazing. The best part is you could have another my hero academy cosplayer with you and simply copy everything they do. So go ahead and team up with a Bakugou and unleash explosions all around the convention.  


Cosplay By AlexDrastal Photo By Envy Photography

I absolutely loved this character and really hope they somehow bring him back in the anime. His ability was to paralyze foes once he had tasted there blood. Honestly that’s rather disgusting and lets not even dive into the potential diseases that can be acquired from doing this. Regardless he completely destroyed most heroes he came across and was feared for good reason. Go ahead and grab yourself a sword and some ketchup packets and your good to go. I haven’t had the pleasure of capturing this cosplay yet but hopefully it will occur soon. 

Edgeshot Shinya Kamihara  

Cosplay By Kohcoz

When I first learned of this hero’s ability I really wondered how folding yourself was threatening. Then after seeing him in action I realized I was definitely underestimating him. Edgeshot predominately uses his quirk to surprise and quickly incapacitate his enemies. He is currently ranked the number 4 hero with the retirement of All MightWhen I look at this image I simply wonder how people are going to create this hairstyle. I know nothing about modeling wigs and I can’t imagine the detail and effort required to recreate this hero’s hairstyle. I look forward to seeing your creativity though.  

Yawara Chatora 

Cosplay By Just_Plain_chris Photo By cosweplayproject

Tora is the only male in the wild wild pussy cats group. He is extremely muscular and usually commands a rather intimidating aura. Although they have not told us exactly how strong he is, he was strong enough to apprehend magne.  His quirk (soft body) allows him to stretch his body in ways that are normally not possible. This ability combined with his immense strength makes him an extremely dangerous adversary.   

Nana Shimura 


Last but not least we have one of the previous wielders of one for all.  She is described as “A kind woman with a strong sense of justice. She believed that a true hero should smile, no matter how grim the situation, since people who needed to be saved needed not only to have their lives protected but also their hearts”. Outside of one for all, she also possessed a quirk which granted her superhuman speed, power and agility. Cosplaying as this character is awesome as its rather nostalgic with regards to one for all. I would love to capture an image of her and all might side by side at my next convention.  


My Hero Academia season 4 is set to release today and is certainly highly anticipated. The series was delayed because of the typhoon currently hitting Japan. I pray japan will be safe and take as much time as they need before releasing this season to assure each employee and citizens safety. Thank you so much for checking out my post and as always for more awesome cosplay posts feel free to click HERE! That’s everything for today, until next time, stay boundless. 

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