My Hero Academy Cosplays

My Hero Academy Cosplay
Photo By: w0lfierose

If your anything like me, which I assume you are since you’re

reading this post, you enjoy my hero academy as much as I do.

This series has erupted throughout the cosplay world and is still

growing. Its easy to see how this series is so loveable with

characters ranging from powerful to cute and sexy. The storyline is

rather simple when you break it down “good vs evil”, but it’s the

way its told that invigorates and ignites the spirit.

My Hero Academy Cosplay
Photo By: Aster-hime

So with that brief synopsis, lets check out some my hero academy

cosplays and how much they will set you back. Fortunately, my

hero academia cosplays are relatively cheap, that’s assuming your

only buying the base cosplay costume. When you start mixing in

contacts and accessories, prices can get up there. Ill include as

many as I can find in the post to make things a bit easier on you.

All Might

My Hero Academy Cosplay
Photo By: Eduard Luzhetskiy

First up we have the main man himself, that’s right the defender of

peace and most destructive force in the entire series, All Might.

With attacks such as Texas and Detroit smash, this character

perfectly blends Japanese culture with American patriotism.

Nothing better than punching someone in the face and yelling

random states. As im sure you already know, All Might’s time has

come to an end and he has passed the torch onto to Deku.

My Hero Academy Cosplay
Pohto By: Khainsaw

I Cant wait to see what this series has in store and how Deku

becomes the new all might. As I mentioned earlier these cosplays

are relatively inexpensive so you can be con ready in no time. All

Might’s spandex costume will cost you between $49-60 bucks.

Through in a wig for $17 and a pair of boots $60 and you have

yourself one fine All Might costume for around $127 dollars.


My Hero Academy Cosplay
Photo By: Arcane Shutter

As mentioned, Deku has received the mantle from All Might and

has to Carey the weight on of this world on his shoulders. Unable to

completely handle his new found powers, he has been forced to

develop a style which drastically differs from his predecessor.

Along with punches, Deku incorporates kicks into his fighting style

known as his shoot style.

My Hero Academy Cosplay
Photo By: KendelB

Although not capable of utilizing his full power, Deku has pulled

off some amazing feats. He has single-handedly devised some of

the base plans to deal with his enemies and shortcomings but

unlike All Might, he greatly relies on his allies.  Dekus basic

costume will run you about $130 dollars. You will also need to grab

his wig $16 and his mask $50. Feel free to also grab his boots for

$55 or just use a pair you have at home. In total, you are looking at

about $251 if you want to cosplay as this character.


My Hero Academy Cosplay

Coming in third on the list we have Dekus secret lover. Her power

is definitely not as strong as All for One, but she has found some

very unique and interesting ways to apply it. For those unfamiliar

with her power, she is capable of distorting gravity and rendering

anything she touches immune to gravities effects. Basically a

physicist’s wet dream. She demonstrated just how powerful and

surprising her power could be in the UA sports festival.

My Hero Academy Cosplay

Unfortunately, I was unable to find her pink shin bracers so

you will either have to create these or have someone

commission them for you. This awesome cosplay is a bit less

expensive than Dekus and will cost about $80 for the base

costume. Through In a pair of boots for $56 bucks and you

have the basics of this cosplay. If you want to add in some

added flair like in the image above, use some eva foam to

get those puffed out rounded looks that she commonly

sports along with a wig $20. An article about EVA foam can

be found HERE!


My Hero Academy Cosplay
Photo By: By AlexanDrake89

You I couldn’t make a my hero list without including the grumpiest

person to ever be introduced into an anime. Everything makes this

guy mad. Sun cant shine and birds cant chirp without Kachan

having a problem with it. Even after watching every series of this

anime im still not sure why he’s always so mad. Some people just

choose to be angry I guess. Anyways, lets talk about his quirk.

My Hero Academy Cosplay
Photo By: Khainsaw

Kachan has the power to create nitroglycerin in his sweat and

then store it in his large grenade gauntlets. Once he pulls the pin,

you’re in for one hell of an explosion. I see this anime a lot at

conventions and rightfully so. Kachan is one of the strongest

characters in the series and has that ever so lovable personality. I’ll

go ahead and get the best part of uniform out the way, his grenade

gauntlets. These things are freaking awesome but if you want

them you’re going to have to pay.

My Hero Academy Cosplay
Photo By: w0lfierose

They cost about $150 alone. The actual uniform is not as bad and

will cost you about $90. Throw in a $17 blond wig some $50 boots

and well you have a rather expensive cosplay lol. Let’s not forget

his gloves and grenade belt which will also cost about $125. All

together you’re looking at about $432 for this cosplay.


My Hero Academy Cosplay

Another extremely popular character is none other than our

favorite long-tongued bouncing hero, Froppy. Her quirk is very

self-explanatory and can be summed as the ability to do whatever a

frog can. I really wish they would have made her a poisonous frog,

that would have been so much cooler in my opinion but ill take

what I can get. I have had the pleasure of photographing several

Froppies at conventions and each year the costumes get better and


My Hero Academy Cosplay

If you really want to mimic this character get really wasted at the

rave and start regurgitating your stomach contents. That’s true

cosplay dedication Lol. Nevertheless, if you decide to cosplay as

this character you’re looking at about $45-64 dollars for this

cosplay. Her wig is actually one of the more expensive ones and

will cost $28. Mix in her goggles for about $43 and your grand

total is around $121. Not bad considering some of the other

cosplays I have priced.

Gang Orca

My Hero Academy Cosplay

This character definitely needs more screen time because his outfit

is absolutely badass. He reminds me of one of those old school mob

lords. Although he did play as a villain during the Hero licensing

exam, he is actually the number 10 hero in the my hero academia

universe. If I believed I could actually get all this hair under one of

those Orca Masks I would definitely cosplay as this hero. Why you

ask? Because you get to wear an all-white suit and pink tie.

My Hero Academy Cosplay

So right after you finish cosplaying as this character, you can take

the headpiece off and still remain classy lol. But back to Gang

Orca. Similar to Froppy, this character mimics the abilities of his

animal counterpart. He has demonstrated enhanced strength and

the ability to generate ultrasonic waves that paralyze their target. A

Gang-orca cosplay will run you about $91 dollars. Throw in an all-

white suit for $60, and you have yourself a very inexpensive yet

classy and recognizable my hero academy cosplay for $151. Not

bad at all.


My Hero Academy Cosplay
Photo By: Abletodoall

Arguably the strongest and smartest character at UA, Todoroki has

two quirks. He can control both fire and ice and create ridiculous

amounts of each. Unfortunately he is hindered by resentment for

his father and as a result, is not as experienced at using his fire

quirk as he is at his ice quirk. None the less, he gets along rather

well and he’s destroyed nearly any opponent he has faced. His

training stems from the number two hero aka endeavor aka his


My Hero Academy Cosplay
Photo By: Snowblind-cosplay

Had shoto embraced his other quirk in the UA sports festival, I

believe the match between him and Deku would have been one-

sided. But I guess we will never know because that’s not how it was

written. Fortunately, this character’s outfit is not very expensive

and only costs $70. All you will need to complete it is a wig $16 and

a pair of white boots $58. A grand total of $144 dollars.

My Hero Academy Cosplay

I hope you enjoyed this look at some awesome my hero academy

cosplays. I certainly enjoyed writing so I hope you enjoyed reading

it. This is a short list that I will be adding to very soon! If you need

some more inspiration for cosplay ideas, check HERE. Well that’s

going to do it for today please continue to check the site daily for

material as I am constantly updating. Until next time, stay


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