My Top 10 Favorite Overwatch cosplays

Well here we are again, an intro to another week,

maybe you work from home or you’re at the

office putting in work either way, you could use a

cosplay break. The topic of the day will be my

top 7 favorite overwatch cosplays. I have had the

pleasure of photographing several overwatch

  cosplayers over the years and decided to go

ahead and dedicate a post to them. So without

further ado, lets check out  my top 10 Overwatch



First off we have our favorite healer, that’s right

Mercy. This healer is iconic throughout the

overwatch serious and has saved many a player

from death. This particular mercy was sporting

the amazing witch costume and man was it a

sight to behold. This is one of my favorite mercy

skins and I hope I get to see it again although if I

see the default skin, I’m not going to complain. 


Next up we have a phenomenal Mei. This

particular Cosplay was done by Mintypoo and

definitely did not slack on the details. Meis main

goals throughout the overwatch series are to slow

the opponents and protect her teams locations.

Anyone having played this game knows how

annoying this character can be

and Mintypoo definitely made this cosplay look



We all use the internet and know how vast

cyberspace can be. Well, the embodiment of

cyberspace is perfectly displayed by this

awesome Cyberspace Sombra. I do not see this

character cosplayed that often so it was definitely

a refreshing site. This costume was a nice update

from her default skin and is one of the characters

legendary skins. If this cosplay doesn’t make you

purchase the skin, than nothing will.  


Die, Die,Die. Every overwatch players knows

what’s happening when these words are repeated

in tandem in a death match. That’s right, we are

talking about one of the most popular overwatch

characters, good old reaper. Sporting his duel

shotguns, this character is capable of dealing

massive damage up close. This cosplayer opted

for the golden shotguns. This was a nice touch

and helped spice up a cosplay that I don’t ever get

tired of seeing.  

Soldier 76

“Ive still got it”. One of the most famous quotes

made by an iconic overwatch character. Not sure

who were talking about, no worries this cosplay

has you covered. Shooting his way into the list we

have Soldier 76. This character is relatively

straight forward and deals a ton of damage. This

cosplay was sported by dreadfully_cracked. I

have a long standing relationship with this

cosplayer and love to take there pictures at every

convention I head to.  


“Don’t worry love, the calvarys here”.  This iconic

quote rocked the gaming scene upon overwatch’s

debut trailer. Tracer can arguably be considered

the face or mascot of overwatch. I have met

several people that do not play overwatch but

know who tracer is. Well they know she’s a video

game character so that’s counts for something

right? Using her time based abilities and extreme

mobility, tracer is an very dangerous and difficult

character to deal with. This cosplay definitely did

justice to her classic skin and was one of the

better ones I have seen at several cons.  


Last but not lease we have our favorite music

playing support character rocking his capoeira

skin, Lucio. Like tracer, this character is another

fan favorite and can be seen skating around at

several cons. Most cosplayers also bring a

portable speaker which adds a bit of flair to the

cosplayers costume. I have to admit, this is my

personally favorite simply because blizzard gave

him a capoeira themed skin. And if you don’t

know by now, capoeira is my passion. 

I hope this post has given you a bit of inspiration

for your next convention. Even if it hasn’t,

you cant hate some of the awesome cosplays

created here. If you enjoyed this post feel free to

comment below. Im always looking for more

feedback and would love to know some topics you

guys would like discussed. Well that’s it for today,

until next time, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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