Nerf Guns For Cosplay

Most of us are gamers and of course, have seen the ridiculous gun concepts that designers imagine for their games. Guns that control gravity, rip players in two and simply erase their entire existence are common. Of course, studios apply the same concepts to their anime and as such are rather inventive with their weapon concepts. Well, since most of these devices are completely fictional and beyond our current technological abilities, we have to get creative for our cosplays. This means that you have to develop a method to recreate that marvelous masterpiece seen in your favorite anime. But what options are available? Well, you could 3D print, use another’s blueprint, or my personal favorite, use nerf guns.  

There are so many benefits to using nerf guns for cosplay that overlooking this option would be crazy. The item is already assembled, only requires repurposing and most impressive of all is actually functional. Now I’m not sure if functional nerf guns are allowed at conventions but I know reshaping a few nerf darts can greatly add to your cosplays overall look. Who knows, it may just be the added bonus that wins you the top prize in a cosplay contest. So now that the theme is set, let’s check out some amazing nerf guns that should be considered for cosplay. 

NERF Zombie Strike Sidestrike Blaster 

Most of these guns have tutorials on Youtube which explain how to repurpose them and the NERF Zombie Strike Sidestrike Blaster is no exception. In fact, this gun has a tutorial released by Kumuicosplay about 3 months ago on how to shape this gun into a mass effect themed blaster. I have to admit that it looks hideous with its current green, orange, and brown theme.

But, Kamuicosplay completely worked this nerf gun over and made it look spectacular. I have never done a commander Shepard cosplay but have seen a decent amount at conventions so this gun would be a great choice if mass effect is your thing. I’m sure it would fit several other space-themed games and can be modified to fit your liking. 

Nerf Double Strike Blaster 

Next up we have the Nerf Double Strike BlasterThere’s an awesome youtube tutorial HERE on how to convert this gun into the ACE Of Spades from destiny. Just in case you did not play destiny, this gun was and looks absolutely amazing. It has a black and white paint theme with of course and ace of spades painted on the side of the gun.

This gun was actually an exclusive item only available two Hunters and was introduced in the taken king expansion. Like the Sidestrike Blaster nerf gunim sure this one can be converted into whatever you want but this tutorial gives you an idea of what it can become.  

Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike Series AlphaHawk 

Ok so now were are branching into the larger nerf guns and straying away from the pistols. This rifle is gorgeous in design and actually doesn’t look too bad with the factory paint scheme. I have seen this gun used for star wars cosplays with mandalorian cosplayers favoring it.

Unlike many of the other weapons on this list, you do not really have to modify this one to get the final look. Just go ahead and use an air brusher to create your ideal color scheme, maybe a bit of sanding and you’re done. This is definitely a nice nerf gun for those that are on a cosplay convention time crunch. 

NERF Rival Takedown 

Ok, so I know you guys have seen various Reapers at conventions from overwatch but have you ever wondered how much they paid for there shotgun props. Well, I of course do not know the answer to this question but if you’re creative and strap for cash then the NERF Rival Takedown blaster may be just what you’re looking for. In its base form, this nerf gun nearly mirrors the ones used by Reaper

The color scheme is of course different but that’s an easy fix with a good paint jobOverwatch cosplays are not light on the budget so why not save a bit of money in the props department and of course have a fully functional reaper blaster! 

Nerf Death Trooper 

Lets return to the star wars genre for a second and check out the Nerf Death Trooper blasterThis gun was modded by Cosplay Chris to mimic the looks of a blaster used in the stars wars universe. From the looks of the tutorial, this gun does not require a ton of modification to achieve its final blaster look.

Also, he does not use an Air Brush in this tutorial meaning you can save money and paint this gun by hand. Of course, you are trading money for time but with the current state of the world, time is something that most of us have plenty of.  

Nerf overwatch rival blaster 

Last but not least we have the nerf overwatch D.Va rival blasterThis gun has the benefit of already looking like D.Va‘s blaster but with a few modifications, it can be molded into so much more. This tutorial by Damaged Darts shows just how awesome this gun can look with a bit of TLC.

I have no expertise in reshaping nerf guns but after this tutorial, I’m sure you will be an expert. One of the main benefits of this modification is they add a light to the blaster meaning your cosplay will look extravagant for that night shoot you booked! 

There so many things that you can do with nerf guns and this list only names a few. The list of available nerf guns it’s extensive and if you want you can even check for some vintage nerf guns to fit your desired cosplay. Cosplay is about having fun but saving money is an added benefit that most of us would love to through into the mix. If you enjoyed this post feel free to leave a comment below! Thanks so much for checking out my site and if you still crave more cosplay related articles feel free to click HERE! If videos are more your thing, go ahead and check out my Youtube as you can catch some awesome cosplay videos there. That’s going to do it for today, as always, stay BOUNDLESS!!! 

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