New Orleans (Avoid the Vodoo)

Hows it going everyone?


New Orleans 8-26 to 8-29-9Hopefully great or at least well, I’ll even take a medium. If not don’t worry, I GOT YOU!!! How might I possibly make your day better you may ask, well keep reading and im sure you will not be disappointed. So, this past weekend we took a trip to New Orleans. This city has always been on my bucket list and it was nice to scratch another one off the list. Though not as far or as foreign as London, this trip still scratched another destination off of the must visit list. If you are similar to me, you have always viewed New Orleans as a jewel of the South. Crazy parties, amazing music and food to die for. Well, each of these stereotypes held true along with a few others I was ignorant of. The images below and the galleries highlight the best parts of the trip. Please let me know what you think or if you have any recommendations for the next visit.  I am sure we missed tons of things but I guess it can’t be helped with the limited amount of time we had. As always thanks for checking out the site and images, until next time stay boundless.New Orleans 8-26 to 8-29-7

New Orleans Gallery 1

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